120 Barron's - Everyone Is Lying To You

December 6, 201625 min
Overview What will happen to the White House press briefing room in Trump Administration? Trump’s last press conference was in July Favors addressing public directly, through Twitter and YouTube Not obligated to hold press conferences FDR preferred radio JFK preferred television No recent President has been as openly derisive of press as Trump Has called press: scum, lowlifes, the lowest form of life Will corporate America co-opt the press tactics of Trump? Wouldn’t most CEOs rather avoid “facing the press” in the wake of a bad quarter? Why not just Tweet an explanation directly 2016 word of the year: “post-truth” World where objective facts matter less in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief Apparently, those in corporate PR are fielding questions from clients about how to adapt their communication style for the “age of Trump.” Change is in the air and big corporations know it Pew survey in October: 5% of people have “great deal of trust” i

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