128 Chuck Carnevale - My Top Advice For DIY Investors

January 18, 20174 min
Chuck Carnevale is one of 25 Seeking Alpha Contributors participating in the 2017 DIY Investing Summit. In the summit, one of the questions I asked Chuck was what his top advice would be for DIY investors. Below is an excerpt from the interview and a summary of his response. Chuck's top advice for DIY investors... Focus on fundamentals and don't trust stock prices. Concentrate your portfolio (20-25 stocks) so you can actually have time to to research and follow them properly. At the same time, make sure to stay diversified enough to protect your money. Don't get caught up in hype, don't chase prices. Do yourself a favor and look at companies without the stock price in mind. "Inactivity strikes us as intelligent behavior." - Warren Buffett More... This is just a small excerpt of what's covered in the interview. The interview is full of detailed tips on Chuck's core investment strategies, top advice for DIY investors, and specific ways he's positionin

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