138 Dividend House - How And Why I Invest Like A Landlord

January 20, 20178 min
Dividend House is one of 25 Seeking Alpha Contributors participating in the 2017 DIY Investing Summit. In the summit, one of the questions I asked Dividend was what her personal investment philosophy is and how it practically looks as she builds here portfolio. Below is an excerpt from the interview and a summary of his response. Dividend's personal investment philosophy and portfolio consctruction... Dividend is a "financially conservative, dividend growth investor." Prefers to never sell if possible. Views portfolio as a house with stock groupings that represent foundations, walls, roof, garden and even dog house. Focuses on income contribution as opposed to weigting in portfolio. More... This is just a small excerpt of what's covered in the interview. The interview is full of detailed tips on Dividend's core investment strategies, top advice for DIY investors, and specific ways he's positioning for 2017. Enjoy the full interview with Dividend and other top investors on Seeking Alp

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