Why you should never stop learning with Jon F Peterson

April 18, 201635 min
Jon F. Peterson
With a long history in the finance industry, Jon F. Peterson has one very valuable lesson: “learning doesn’t end once you get a degree.” Like many things in life, the finance industry has evolved over time; some may say it has become even better in the past ten to twenty years as new tools, theories, and approaches have been adopted. According to Jon, one thing remains consistent: the need to continue learning and growing in the ever changing market. This is why he created the Novel Investor website: to take note and share the many things that he has learned – and relearned – over the years to not only help himself become a better investor but also to help others become a smarter investor.
His website, the Novel Investor, is packed with tools, tips, and learning experiences that Jon has learned throughout the course of his financial career. He shares with his readers many valuable tools and information that he currently uses on a regular basis, and helps other investors

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