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April 19, 2024 1 min
Today we'll talk about this weekend's movie choices or maybe you want to try the new game Harold Halibut! Find out what's up in the #MikeJonesMinuteCon.
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His brain is full of news,and every weekday afternoon around four point fifty
you get the daily rundown on everythingwith the Mike Jones Minute car on DC.
What if you want to head outto the movies this weekend, you
have some choices. You can seethe World War II film The Ministry of
Ungentlemanly Warfare. Lots of blood andviolence in that one. Abigail has a

bunch of kidnappers who take a girland find that she's not an innocent twelve
year old. And Hard Miles isabout a group of kids from a youth
prison who go on a one thousandmile bike ride with a social worker and
it bonds them all forever. Orif you're looking for a new game to
play, Harold Halliban was finally releasedthis week. It's been in production for
eleven years. You live in abig city that's fallen through the sky into

an ocean on an alien planet.It's a slow moving game where all of
your decisions affect what happens next,and the art's beautiful. The characters really
make it stand out. Old Hallibanis out for PlayStation, Nintendo, Switch,
PC, and Xbox. Get yourdaily pop culture run down around four
point fifty every weekday with the MikeJones Minicon in the afternoon, Adventure on

DC ONOTO one on the air,and the iHeart app. And make sure
to subscribe wherever you get your podcastsso you don't miss any episodes.
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