Jane Wilkens Michael Better Than Before •

BTB: Jane Wilkens Michael: Triumph over Adversity

Jane Wilkens Michael Better Than Before

Rebuilding a life after addiction - Katie Cavanagh acted like a typically moody first-year college co-ed when she came home to visit during school breaks. Little did her parents know at the time that what had begun as as perhaps a peer-driven experiment with heroin, would eventually grow into Katie’s long and near-fatal battle with addiction to this insidious drug. Indeed, the next five years included arrests, suicide attempts and multiple trips to rehab programs. Katie believed she couldn’t stop. But she did. And in tribute to National Recovery Month, dedicated to increasing our awareness of addiction – and celebrating the people who recover – we bring you this moving and inspirational interview with her amazing mother, Maureen Cavanagh, the founder and president of Magnolia New Beginnings and author of If You Love Me: A Mother's Journey Through Her Daughter's Opioid Addiction.On this segment, Maureen not only chronicles Katie’s road to recovery, but how, after years of turmoil, hardship and heartbreak, she and her daughter have rebuilt their lives. Hear how Katie, with the help of VIVITROL, has stayed drug-free, and what Maureen learned from this life-altering experience that we hope will help so many others going through a similar, heart-wrenching situation. It is the ultimate mother/daughter story of pain, love – and, most importantly, hope!
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