Jewbalations Enjoys Barbara Wiener's Storytelling

October 7, 201661 min
Barbara is a producer/director/amazing storyteller/mentor/executive director, 28 years working in media production. She loves the way visual storytelling connects people!
Barbara founded TVbyGIRLS to work with this power of visual storytelling and build leadership opportunities for girls to bring their voice and energy into the wider community.
Barbara loves all aspects of media making, particularly creating a working environment that nurtures collaboration, connections and compassion. She loves garden, green space and german shepherd dogs (particular hers.)
She has built organizations, films, curriculum, her garden from the ground up. She feels filled up by watching and helping creation grow..whether it is a puppy or a sunflower or a film or a teen. Barbara is amazed by the way people's minds work.
And always looking for new ways to help tell real stories.
Films available to see at: and

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