Jewbalations welcomes Vegan Expert Caryn Hartglass

December 27, 201625 min
Caryn Hartglass is a native New Yorker and
at 15 years old she announced to her family that she wanted to be a vegetarian. There was little information available about vegetarian nutrition at the time and her parents were very concerned for her health. Caryn’s mother took her to the family physician. The physician’s arrogant and patronizing demeanor catapulted Caryn further into the world of vegetarianism. The part of the doctor’s diagnosis that was the most illogical was when he insisted that eating meat was beneficial for animals, because more were given the chance to live. He also said it was healthy to eat meat.
Interestingly, Caryn’s persistent stomach ailments, anemia and the premenstrual moodiness she was experiencing at the time all disappeared with the plant-based diet.

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