Jiggy Jaguar Show

Jiggy Jaguar Show - Episode 4

February 20, 201461 min
This edition of the world famous Jiggy Jaguar Show features these great guests:

P Dallas - AKA Patrick Dallas, and DJ Dallas. P Dallas is a Hip Hop and lyrical artist who gains inspiration from just about every genre of music and mashes it together into one amazing sound. He's talking about his new CD "Betty Ruth Project" which he plays 25 different instruments and adds all the lyrics himself.

Mark Davis - Author of "Obamacare Dead on Arrival". He's an MD who brings you through the process of becoming a doctor and how Obamacare will destroy our healthcare. It's a book that everyone should read.

Connie Allen - Author of "The Casino Through A Dealer's Eyes". She spent 25 years as a Black Jack dealer in a top casino. She shows you what the dealers see and the inside look into the casino nobody knows about.

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