Jiggy Jaguar Show

Jiggy Jaguar Show - Episode 5

February 20, 201458 min
This episode of the world famous Jiggy Jaguar Show has these amazing experts:

Linda Wagner - Author of "Get Me Out Of this Fat Suit: Confessions of a True Fatty". Linda Wagner is will be the first to admit that she had, and has a problem with pounds. In retrospect, she has gained and lost over 1,000 pounds over the years. Although athletic as a child, her battle with life events affected her eating decisions hounded her through failures with everything from Weight Watchers at 14 to bariatric surgery at 48, when she was over 400 pounds. The surgery helped her to get down to 160 at age 50, her relationship with life and food put back 150 pounds.The obesity and type 2 Diabetes epidemic is costing us billions … and is killing more Americans than any other factor. Millions of dollars-per-minute are being spent selling us bad food and worse drugs to commercially fix a self-inflicted problem that we can fix …for free. Linda Wagner is on it! Linda believes in Linda! And Linda, with som

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