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June 10, 2024 95 mins
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Cacoday radio program and the phone numbereight eight eight nine three four seven eight
seven four. Ross, you aremissing out, dude. It is.
It looks like the it looks likea space cruiser in For those of you
who don't know, I am atour brand new Greensboro studios, which are

technically in high Point. But yeah, yeah, we just we relocated downtown
adjacent to where the ballpark is.They were building out some new studios.
I've been excitedly following it and gotin yesterday yesterday afternoon, drove over from

Raleigh and I was just kind ofsetting everything up in here broadcasting. Does
it sound incredibly different the process?Completely? Oh okay, Well that's because
that's because I'm in space. Soalthough it does look more empirey than anything
else in here, because it's allMatt Black with all the equipment and everything.

So all right, well for you, for all of you listening,
you'll be like, oh, that'scool. For Ross and I, if
it sounds slightly different, it iswildly unnerving and until we get used to
it, so but anyway, cool. Yeah. No, these are very
nice over here, so they havethey have done a lot. If you

haven't been into downtown high Point ina while, and you're thinking, well,
why want I go there? Bar, They're doing a lot down here,
so this is this is very cool. So glad to be checking those
out. And yeah, just diggingthrough the stories. Oh the day.
Hope everyone had a good weekend.Apparently a little a little rock slide or

something caused seventy two of you tosend me the collapsing Wyoming roads story Titon
pass over there pop, although Iwould point out that that is that that
particular highway to get to Jackson,Wyoming from the Idaho side. It's a
bit of a California funnel because yougot you got the you got rich Californians

that have come into Wyoming. Theylove the tax situation. I don't know
if you know this. And thenthey go meet their moonbat buddies over I
like, Oh Sun and call Caldwelland those areas over in Idaho where they
have like the other big film festival. So you know, the locals know

how to get places. This iswhat I'm saying. So they're gonna be
five but yeah, no, it'scrazy, man, when you have a
mountain Pasco. I'm trying to thinkof something in North Carolina, that would
be akin to it. I mean, you're just not dealing with the as
much elevation. But no, it'sa that's a pretty crazy story. Although

I did see a little sliver ofdirt still connected. And I grew up
with some dudes who would try that. You think I'm joking. They would
look at the dirt that's still onthe side of it if you saw any
of the video, and they'd belike, Oh, I got that.
What you want to do is youjust don't want to slow down. It's

simple physics. People. When you'reup at I don't know how what elevation
of the past, but yeah,you're up around eight thousand, nine thousand
feet, you're basically lighter than air, so if you get enough speed,
you're just g It's like dudes jumpingacross the moon. Is what I'm going
to tell Californians who still want touse that road. And I've instructed my

friends back home, so we'll seeif they trust the science on that.
But yeah, that is a prettycrazy story. But I just want to
let you know I've got it,because I've already been sent it three times
again this morning, so and we'lltweet out a link if you're like,
what the hell is he talking about? We'll get that out for you here
so you can you can gaze uponthe fury of mother nature and and very

shallow water tables. You know,I twenty five, uh near between Buffalo
and Sheridan, Wyoming. I wasI guess I would have been college aged
by then. That road just middleof the night gone. And you got
to understand, like, if you'redriving on an Interstate Wyoming at night and
you're not maybe on that I eightyshot where you get all the truck drivers,

you could fall like that, youcould fall into a giant pit that
used to be the road, andlike there may not be another dude that
comes along for thirty minutes. Soyeah, so that's wild times there,
all right. So coming up onthe show, we got that checkbox there
do to do? Okay, veryexciting. I know, normally it's a

master maybe the British Open, justbecause I like how it times out so
I can watch it during the showinstead of doing my job. But I'm
sorry, having a major right herein North Carolina, it's gonna be a
fun week and it's not gonna belike the US Open. What was it
eight years ago, it's been whatis the rotation on? Is it eight

years? Ten years? When itwas at Pinehurst? I don't know if
you guys remember the last Open atPinehurst? It was one billion degrees and
I don't believe I'm exaggerated. Itwas miserable hot and try to remember.

And the scoring was awful. Imean, don't get me wrong, Pinehurst
number two is a bear. Idid the worst thing possible on that course.
During so this was going back tothe Open. They had a media
Hey, come see the course anduh, you know, cry because we'll

show you where they're hitting it from. And that was like a week and
a half, two weeks before itand me and Brian the bad boardop went
down and they put us all.You know, they had all the different
media people and sponsors right, andthey had stuck. I can remember what
hole we started, well, Ithink we started on nine, right because

they you know, it was everyonea shotgun start thing. So we were
at nine and I almost birdied it. Now, don't get me wrong.
They did not have the green speedset yet they didn't have the waste.
How the waste is if you knowwhat I'm talking about. You know what
I'm talking about there you're thinking rough, but rough or sand, but that's

those are like layers and versions ofthat on Pinehurst too, depending on how
you can manipulate the ball, you'restaying ants, if you can ground your
clubs, stuff like that. Soit wasn't even they didn't have. It
turned up to miserable. Then itturned up to all right, a little
bit of a challenge, and Ialmost birdied the first hole, and I'm
like, what are they talking aboutwith this course? And I would say

about twelve or thirteen holes in righton that very famous par three there as
you're coming in, I contemplated notplaying anymore. It was going so horribly.
So that is and I'm not ahorrible golfer, but I'm not a

good golfer. And they had afore caddy with us, and if you
don't know what that is, basicallythat's a poor bastard's got to stand out
there and figure out where my drivewent. That dude doesn't make enough money.
And at one point he puts hishands up and I thought he was
indicating it was over, and thenhe does the international sign for and I

realized at that point I was hittinga provisional. So now I'm pumped.
Man. We got a golf tournament, we got roads falling off. I'm
helming the one of the uh theDreadnoughts in here with my space studio.
So yeah, gonna be a goodmorning. All right, we'll dive in.
We got some audio to get into, just just a bunch of stuff.

Phone number eight eight eight nine threefour seven eight seven four back in
just a few kc O Day radioprogram phone number eight eight eight nine three
four seven eight seven four. That'llthat'll get you on the on the show
on this fine morn as. Sothey're trying to get my button bar to

connect between Hey look at that.All right, thanks for playing. That's
because we got audio. So NBAFinals, don't know if you're following that,
but of course thing going. Andnow I do have a beef with
the NBA Finals, and they're notthe only sporting event with multiple games in

playoff situations, but like, whenwhen did the NBA Finals? When was
when did that become three weeks?Like do the math on game one?
Like the and I think game sevenis scheduled for what like the twenty third
or something. If it goes toseven I mean back when we were kids,

wasn't it just like a week?I think I think what happened is
right, It was the end ofthe season, right, and then Jordan
and Bird would walk over back tothe you know, into the arena,
and then I think they just start, right. Was that our childhood?
That was our childhood? Right?Just there was? And now it's a
month almost. I mean, ifyou count the gap following the clinching of

the final spots, it's a month. Would you let me ask you this,
would you want to know that youare one game or one series away,
you know, depending on the sport, right, for a month?
For a month? Would you wouldyou want that banging around in your head?

Especially if you finished Yeah, obviouslyyou finished strong to get there.
You vanquished all of your opponents toget to the finals, and then for
a month you're in that position.And I look, obviously that's what makes
a top tier athlete a top tierathlete. And some can handle it and
some can't. And you know,this is going to irritate some of you

Panthers fans maybe, but I lovedwatching Cam Newton play. But that Super
Bowl, so you just there,you know, they're there there comes a
time when some athletes And that doesn'tmean he couldn't do it in another situation.

Obviously he had some really high profilegames. But I know me man,
and I would worry. It justseems like there's such a gap that
it's going to stop any sort ofmomentum that you might have. Yeah,
that's that's what I'm saying. Ifelt the same way about the Wolf Pagacty
state in the you know, inthe in the tournament this past year.
I said that to him, like, there's like a big leg, there's
a big gap there, and they'replaying their hot right now. They get

cool off in that time, yeah, or or you know, sometimes sometimes
it goes the other way. Sometimesyou get a team that just comes in
and I don't know, they getthe mindset right, and they kind of
limped in there, you know,a team with immen's talent that's been underperforming,
but and then all of a suddenthey come, you know, and
then and then you get you getsituations like you get one of my favorite

Super Bowl parties ever, sitting inthat room surrounded by Patriots fans. One
giant dude. I'm talking to giantdude, and we know what happened,
and obviously that season up until thatpoint was perfect. But of course,

even though I want to talk aboutbasketball or ancillary stuff surrounding it with the
scheduling so that we can do thoughwhen I was your kid, Brouh,
the reporters they don't want to talkabout basketball. They want to sit there
and they want to find their theirlittle woke moment. So what's the woke
moment in this case? Can youbelieve there's two black head coaches? Ross?

When you heard that? Were younear a fainting couch? I mean,
are you okay? When I learned, I damn near killed myself.
It's different for me because I'm inthe media. I'm somebody following me all
the time with a fainting couch.So yeah, it's not. That's so
like Victorian England with the l likethe carry chair kind of stuff. Now,

my carry chair is the one fromthree hundred. Yeah, it's really
nice. Have you seen it.It's made from gold. It's made from
gold and slave bones or whatever hehad on there. So yeah, it
was do that thing with wild Doesthe pit come with the chair? Well,

there's so the there's false chairs thatactually if you if you choose poorly
into the pit you go. Soit's I've put a little, a little
indie Indiana Jones twist on it.So you think they want to talk about
basketball, but no, they wantto talk about that. And kudos to
the Celtics head coach fielding this nonsensequestion. Look, if there's if there's

one thing that basketball professional basketball,I I still fail to understand the hand
ringing over it is representation of blackplayers and black coaches even and I go,
well, I got a lot ofhead coaches. Nobody's stopping a coach

who can win. Okay, No, that's that's not happening. So just
let him. Let him play thesame of the player that can win.
Nobody cares. Yeah, don't care. I mean you're gonna have unique one
offs that are not racially motivated there, you know, stuff like guy comes

in there and he is he doesn'tgel with the team. But that's you
know, now you're talking about performance. So listen to this question and answer
from the Celtics coach. Hey,Joe Ben school with Yahoo Sports. For
the first time since nineteen seventy five, this is the NBA Finals where you
have two black head coaches given theplight sometimes with black head coaches in the

NBA. Do you think this isa significant moment? Do you take pride
in this? How do you viewthis? Or do you not see it
at all? I wonder how manyof those are being Christian coaches? You
see? Hey radio program phone numbereight eight eight nine three four seven eight
seven four. That'll get you getyour crack in there here as we get

things rolling on this fine Monday morning, and we're going to start it with
a Donald Trump fact check. ApparentlyLitt something he said at what was it
Turning Points. I don't know whatthey call their conference over the weekend,
but immediately they had to rush outand debunk this over at NBC News.

Let's hear what he says. Goand stop people from robbing stores. You
go to some of these departments,who will five hundred people walk into the
source, They walk out with airconditions, They stripped the whole store,
The company goes out of business,the store is vacant for twenty five years,
The whole city becomes this. Andif you do anything as a law
enforcement person, they take away yourhouse, they take away your family,

they take away your pensick all right, So now was he talking about one
specific store? Obviously not. Isthere five hundred people? I don't know,
man, I gotta I mean,what do you count? You saw
some of like Macy's getting run duringthe most mostly peaceful protests. I don't

know that there were five hundred inthere. But what he is talking about,
and anyone who is not disingenuous inthe way that they're they're listening to
it, he s he's talking abouta scenario where people organized will go in

and through the use of numbers,right, this is this is a real
power in numbers situation here. Yeah, one person, although depending on where
you are, they won't do anything. So but you go in and you

have fifteen people with you know,they're with their mat with their face masks,
they got their bags, and they'rejust speed running whatever they want,
like it's the final part of supermarketsuite, man, And then they're out.
And by the way, that's notsome new iteration. That's literally a
way in which mobs will go inand do this. They've been crashing gas

stations for forever, man, Sothat's what he's talking about, a non
far fetched video evidence thing. Anduh u no, no, he's lying.
Obviously he's lying. How do Iknow? Well, NBC News told

me, oh good, I didhook one of the Patriots fans. Dude,
you want to get Patriots fans.Don't just insult them, but inaccurately
insult them. It makes them takethe bait and admit their season wasn't perfect.
My job here is done, thankyou, sir. I thought Boston
Paul would slip into it. Ohwait, hold on, awesome, Paul

emailed me too. Are you remote? You sound like it? Oh?
Now you're now you're you're an audioexpert. Huh is that from listening to
all of the undercover Mike stuff fromthe Strip Club investigation? What is is
that? How you get good atthat? Sitting in the van? You

didn't even get to go in.You were the guy in the van,
weren't you? I know what's upanyway? So uh yeah, So Donald
Trump said that, and apparently heis a he's a big fat liar,
according to NBC News saying that didnot happen. And again, remember the

standard for these fact checks and whatyou do is you want you say all
right? Both candidates said this,How would it then be? How would
it be processed by Snopes, andthen once you do that, you'll get
a pretty good idea of whoever elseyou're listening to. I think they're so

hung up on the number five hundred. But he's not being literal. He's
it's it's nice. It's like saying, there's a million people pulled up to
the store and went in, andwe've seen those videos, right, and
we saw all, yeah, alot of them. We saw her in
the riots of twenty twenty during thatsummer, the summer A Piece of Love
or whatever was where you see thesepeople come out. Yeah, there's tons
of them, and you could sayeasily there was a million people. It

doesn't mean there was a million people. He's just saying, this is the
thing that happened. And anybody that'swhat to videos in the past four years,
five years, or even worked retailthese stores, know, is it
something that's happened right right, rightright? And I was trying to think
that. I remember the macy rememberthe big Macy's looting thing that was going
on. I don't know if therewas five hundred, but like that video
was wild because people had like theyhad they had it evenly across sections,

right, not everybody's looting shoes,some people are over looting bags or whatever,
and then some and I don't knowif they had like a meeting that
day and everybody draws out of abucket or how that works. But she's
arguing the number, which again isan exaggeration but kind of not really would
ross. You would say, duringthe summer of mostly peaceful love and protest

in Kumbai, ya that at duringthe peak summer weekends. Do you think
across the country five hundred people werelooting on any given day during the summer
yet, Yes, but it doesn'teven matter even if it was one person,
that this is something that's still happened, even if it's you could say
one point. Well, but that'swhat she's arguing. Yeah, no,

no, no, no, youcan't. That's what she's arguing. Though
she's arguing that they weren't, thatthey were all independent entities, you know
what I'm saying. She was arguingthat they were organized one or five hundred.
It is all a lot of timesit is organized. Yeah, Mark,
he was working at aulta man they'dpull up there where a guy would
go in there with a trash bag, just go in there and just like,
you know, take anything he wantsoff the shelf, and they weren't

allowed to stop him. They finallystopped him because he punched a pregnant woman.
Yeah, I can't do that.Oh though some places you can so
or you can put a gun totheir belly. So AnyWho, that's yeah.
So that's literally these sticking points fortheir argue. Well there was not

there was five hundred, and therecould literally be five hundred and one people
looting your house right now, andshe'd be like, that's not five hundred.
Why are you exaggerating ross, Butfive hundred people came into my house
today. Well, the one thinghe would want for the press in the
United States with somebody that exaggerated thefacts. Yeah, no, that's fair,
that's a that's a good point.Yeah. Can you imagine holding you

in the office like that President ofthe United States and you're just a big
liar all the time, lying abouteverything. Well, here's the thing.
It's exaggerating when we exaggerate, andit's no like if let's say Marky sent
you to go get to target orwhere I don't know where she sends you,
but she sends you somewhere to acquiresomething and you come back looking like
you just landed the beaches of Normandy. And she said, what's wrong?

There's like a million people? Yea? Does she go, I can't be
buried to a liar? Is thatthat's how it goes? Pic video?
And then and then it's a bunchof people sitting around like trying to guess
inauguration crowd sizes. Yet it's understoodthat it's exaggeration, it's hyperbole. Right,

it's not exactly I'm not going toactually count the number of people.
I'm just saying there's a lot ofpeople there. Yeah, yeah, I
mean this is you know what itis. You have to strip away the
human to do a lot of it. Now, Donald Trump exaggerates, and
when Donald Trump says stuff, hesays stuff that's not true a lot.

But the question is is it exaggeratedin what he's saying. Is he saying
it to make a point? Ishe conflating two things? Is he speaking
in the way that he speaks?Look if Biden is exaggerating, but he
is exaggerating to a point. I'mtrying to think of what would be a

good example from from that political perspective, Like that stuff just rolls off of
me. That's not where I'm gonnasit here and have beef with somebody,
you know. But yet we're we'resitting there and we're trying to figure out
whether they won the thing. It'smore offensive is heard indicating that like like

people are only individually making these decisions. And then it's like it's like,
uh, it's like a zombie outbreak. Right, nobody showed up to loot
except one guy, and then otherpeople saw it and they just they were
they were filled with the holy spiritof looting, right, and then just
boom, now everyone's looting. Butthe reality is, you know, you

have four dudes in a car,like all right, you got your master
ready, let's do this, andthen the run in, grab whatever they
want, run out. Don't don'tpunch a pregnant lady. You might not
even get caught. That's where wefind ourselves this morning. Hey, I
have a I have a quiz foryou. You ready, Ross, you

haven't seen this story? The uhuh the shooter in Tennessee, the Nashville
shooter whose manifesto is so dangerous,so dangerous? Who paid for the gun
that was used? Who bought thegun? Since you know. These are

the conversations we uh, we generallywant to have, right because they just
assume everything is from Bob who sitsin the parking lot over at the you
know, the gun and knife showloophole. No, no, no,
no. Who paid for the gunthat was used in the shooting in Nashville

in the Christian school? I haveno idea. I would think the shooter
or maybe they got it from theirparents' house or something. No idea.
I mean that that would be thenatural conclusion, right, like the thing
you did, Ross paper. Yeah, I was unaware of this. Are
you sorry? Hey? And forthose of you listening right now, go

thank god, I'm not Ross.No, you paid for it too.
That go. In fact, whenwe come back, I'll explain what's that
about while you feel guilty? Hangon. So yeah, let's just go
ahead and get into this little nuggetof info that I saw. Let's see
last night, it was after Isent the prep to Ross. I was

trying to get a sleep on andthen boom, I see this little story
here. All right, new report. Let's check this out. A report
by the Tennessee Star indicates the I'mnot going to say dirtbag's name, but
the twenty eight year old transgender womanwho shot and killed six people back in
March of twenty twenty three, afterpenning the manifesto so dangerous they had to

hide it from you, sheds alittle light on exactly how this was funded.
So, according to reports, theshooter who had previously purchased a weapon.

According to her parents, they saidthat they knew she had bought one
gun in the past and that shehad sold it and they were not aware.
Is that she actually had acquired threethe AR fifteen. For anyone who

has purchased one, they are notinexpensive, if you know, if you're
going with the decent model there andlet's see here. I want to make
sure that I'm breaking this down exactlyhow they're reporting it. That had been

the initial reporting that you know,with the AR fifteen all of that.
However, according to numerous media reports, including CNN, who initially claimed that
the shooter was in possession of anAR fifteen military style rifle, they were

not not during the not during theattack. Let's see what is Brian Wilson
is the guys the because they're alsoquoting a local radio host there all right,
So specifically, and you're going,wait, why are they AR one

one AR pistols and ar You shouldyou know, educate yourself even if you
don't want to have one or eitherjust you should you should check that.
But specifically, what was in possessionwas the AR pistol, a handgun,
and then a carbine. So wheredid the money come from? Specifically for

the Caltech? Was it a Celtechsub two thousand? Not cheap? According
to reports here in the Tennessee Star, the money was provided as part of
an education grant where they apparently didno due diligence. Yeah, the money,

which initially was allocated and applied foras part of educational supplies grant,
was instead used to purchase weapons aswell as to pay for training at a
local gun range. So I guessin that education side. But obviously if
you go to apply for it,you say you want it for I don't

know, some sort of training upat of our fine shooting ranges around these
parts. Uh, They're they're notgoing to give you the money, not
for a thing for books and stufflike that. Now, can people misallocate
the Yes, absolutely, and itprobably is not the first time that people

have used essentially our money to uh, you know, for purposes that it
was not intended. I think COVIDrelief dollars were probably a good indicator.
Or the drunkest guy you went tocollege with. That was all. That
was always so wild to me becauseI didn't have I didn't have a bunch

of a bunch of scholarship or grant. I don't begrudge anyone who did.
I was really really tight, andbecause my family is not wealthy, and
especially at that time, you know, my mom still got three kids at
home. I'm off in another place. She's a single mom, right,

so I would It was crazy tome when, especially when I lived I
lived with like seven other guys fortwo years. We had eight of us
in this big, big, bighouse. And like they they get checks
for school stuff, and then allof a sudden they'd be like I bought
I had one roommate. I'll tellthis story. I had one roommate who

bought a He he was the marijuanaguy, just constantly smoking pot. And
he bought like this four or fiveinch tall bud that looked like a Christmas
tree, and he built a littlestand for it and put it in a
jar. Like it's a bonze eyeship and a jar kind of thing,

and his dumb ass would show itoff at parties. What do you think
he got stolen? Obviously, I'mpretty sure that that was education funding,
So I understand that deal. Excuseme, by the way, if you
get whatever that I had prepare for, like at least another week, it

feels like of just coughing it no, actually five hundred more days of coughing,
so you've been warned. I thinkthat's an exact number. Hopefully NBC
News doesn't fact check me. That'sme having coughing fits off to the side.

I do apologize, all right.So Ross was just filling me in
on a little housekeeping stuff. Sobecause I was near death last week on
Wednesday, we did not get achance to have Lieutenant Governor on and so

that has been moved to this Wednesday. So if you enjoyed that segment,
we'll have him on Wednesday, andthen whatever he says will immediately be made
into an attack ad by Josh Stein. So hey, it's you know,
we're into the general election season.That is awful anyway, So you know

you want to if you want tobe here when news is being made so
that you can hear it in context, so that later when you see like
a seven second clip on a commercialfor the three thousandth time, By the
way, that's not an exaggeration.So much money is going to be spent.
At least you'll know what you know, what we were actually talking about.

So put that on your little yourlittle calendar there, all right,
let me flip over to this thing. I don't know how the pecking order
goes, and I'm not trying tostart a fight, but from a dude
perspective, processing this story the waythat it hit my brain, I'm like,

ah. A firefighter was injured inRaleigh on Saturday. Potential head injury,
condition not critical. And I hopeeveryone's obviously okay here. I'm not
hacking on any individual here. I'mjust here's what happened. A Raleigh firefighter

was injured after trying to rescue Whilehe was rescuing a tree trimmer who got
stuck in a tree in Raleigh,a thirty five foot ladder was used to
help reach him. However, inthe process of rescuing him, the latter
shifted and moved and the firefighter struckhis head again. He was taking the

hospital out of an abundance of cautionsince he did hit his head. But
it sounds like it may be oneof those uh situations where like, if
you're a guy, I don't wantto go to the hospital. Remember one
of the very first, one ofthe very first stories I think Ross and

I probably ever did was harpoon headdude. Oh man, now down thinking
nostalgically about harpoon head dude. Whatan amazing example of a modern day guy.
Guy has a harpoon through his headand wouldn't go to the hospital.

I'm gonna repeat that, he hasa harpoon through his head. And I
know what you're thinking. You're thinking, bye, you know, like,
what do you meet with a littleone or off to the side. No,
No, like after he eventually hiswife or somebody probably I'm sure his
wife made him go to the hospital. Yeah, it's just a complete dude

thing to put it off as longas possible. Yes, completely and now
and by the way, do youthink she did it because she was concerned
or do you think because he waspuncturing her nine thousand pillows on the bed
probably makes sure of both. Okay, all right, on my pillow but
also, hey, I don't wantyou to die. Yeah yeah, yeah

yeah. He had a harpoon inhis head, and it's like, no,
I'm good, I'm god fine,Look i'm talking. I'm here,
I'm walking through it. Well,I gotta turn sideways, but I'm walking
through the door. Look at that. Remember the last I'm fine. Last
time, I was like a lotof pain, like the worst pain I
felt. I was a hot sauce. You ate the shot? Oh that

was bad? Yeah? No,I remember it was like, oh,
this is bad, Like just standingin the kitchen. Wife wasn't sympathetic to
you nod the hot sauce. No, she was like the tears coming down
my cheek. I'm like, ohmy god, this is bad. I'm
like, what is going on withmy mouth? It's stupid. I'm just
gonna take some ivy prof and I'mjust gonna take some tile and alms.
This is dumb. It'll go away. And then I'm like, this is

I couldn't even talk. You wouldtalk in the pain. And I finally,
finally I went to the dentist andthey're like they're like, your wisdom
teeth, they're coming in. Yeah, They're like, we need to take
these out, and I'm like,I thought that was like because I was
like forty, but there's not likeforty years old. What are you telling
me? I both had ours outin the last few years. Yeah,
it's crazy, man. They're like, how long have you been dealing with

this? I'm like, oh,a long time. Wasn't it painful?
Oh? You have no idea?Why why didn't you come in? And
I'm not I'm busy. I'm busy. I got life and stuff. That's
how we roll. So with thataside, that's why I brought this story
up. If you're a tree trimmerand you get stuck in a tree,

do other tree trimmers make fun ofyou? Right? I imagine that's the
thing where you probably you probably waiteda long time before he called anyone.
Right, you're like sitting, Ohdude, you're already you're already peeling the
sun. Yeah, we're going heretoo. This is where I die.
Now, You're like, this isnice. It's got leaves. I'll wait

for the leaves to fall off,and then somebody will see me the right
come fall. They'll all collect underthe tree and you can just jump into
them. Yes, look at that, and you didn't have to bother anybody
that. I'm sure there's food upthere. You have by like a squirrel
or something. Yeah? Birds?Are you gonna land and stuff eggs?
Oh? Free eggs in this economy? Do you know what eggs cost?

Yeah? You do, Guy's gotfree eggs any and of view. I
don't know exactly where this was.I just don't what's the pecking order there?
Does a firefighter get to make funof you? I mean, I
know tree is not well. Iguess it kind of is, right,

kittens and stuff get up there.He probably don't want to rescue kittens.
Is a firefighter, but it's youknow, it's part of the gig.
So I don't know. I don'tknow if. I don't know if the
Old Tree Trimmer Convention is gonna berough for that dude or what. I'm

glad everyone's okay, but it's likeit's like a dude who teaches rock climbing.
He's like, oh, help me, I'm on the side of this
mountain. I don't know what I'mgonna do. Guy's gotta come along with
a ladder. I'm not even gonnapick on the firefighter, although technically,
you know, it's your ladder,bro, But I understand things happen.

I'm going to assume, in allseriousness, I'm going to assume that dudes,
you know, it was harnessed orroped and things got twisted up and
but still I just saw that,and I'm like, oh man, I
don't think i'd tell the other treetrimmers. Yeah, Bob, where you
been all day? Oh man?Yeah I did. I had this,

I had this other project. Itwas out of town. You wouldn't know
about it. Yeah, yeah,yeah Canada. Yep, No, been
working on that up in Canada allday. Now you wouldn't. You wouldn't
know the tree anyway. Nothing tosee here. Let's see doesn't say?
Uh, it doesn't look like thetremor himself suffered any injuries. So again,

praying for the firefighter there. Butwhat a weird story, man,
all right? So Sayan Francisco,just a just get one good idea after
another. I don't know if thisis intended to do anything except just funnel

as much taxpayer dollar as possible toone of the richest places in the world.
But why not they or if it'sintended to cut down on all these
people are still in tied you know, everything in the CBS for food and

not you know, as part ofa criminal enterprise. It's just they need
bread and they can apparently you canconvert fifteen dollars small tide washer things to
bread or something. I don't know. Well they have they've come up with
a new moon bat idea, whichI'm sure will work perfectly, actually kind

of will based on the way theyhave this financially set up. So we'll
let you know what insanity they areup to. And we're gonna have to
get into Cuban missile Crisis part two, so I'm sure that's gonna be that'll
be fun. And that's kicking offhere in just a few days, so

we'll give you the details on thatnext here on the CaCO Day radio program.
I think you're fear mongering, andI don't think that that is helpful
in keeping the peace and protecting democracyand conserving whatever. Blah blah blah.
I'm just saying, reading about what'sgoing down into France today, you know,
with Theron, I see it's littleshady, a little shady. I

would they're having elections over in Europe. I was just looking at the German
results Over in Germany, the rulingparty lost eighteen percent, which is I
guess the progressive party there. Rightwing parties picked up the main party picked
up ten percent, all on theirown. And what's scaring the crap out
of them is they're really young.The voters they hemorrhaged the progressive side are

very young. A lot of themwent to the right, some of them
just dipped out. They just don'twant anything to do with it. So
that's over Germany. I'm trailing sobad. I'm gonna I'm gonna dissolve parliament
and move the elections. What you'venever dissolved to parliament and moved elections to
protect democracy. Joe Biden comes outand he's like, oh, I'm just

just you know, the dissolving isthe Senate in the House. I'm moving
the elections to next March. Likewhat you feel you can't do that?
What? No, you can't?Well? Ross, what is the word?
Listen, let me ask you aquestion, all right, mister fearmonger,
give me one example of where aEuropean country held an election then immediately

started dissolving legislative bodies only to holdanother election, but now under the purview
of a newly established boty can youthink of you can't. You can't happen
in Spain. No, no,no, no, technically they didn't dissolve
it. They pretended it didn't happen. I'm talking about where they like,

I don't know, just get ridof the uh, the legislative body,
Like, you can't come up withany examples in Europe that might be connected
to an anniversary last week. Youcan't think of any examples where that has
happened. I challenged you, andyou failed it. The same democracy,

right, Oh yes, Spain wascrazy. I remember remember what I was
like when that story broke. Iremember doing that on the air. I'm
like, this is madness. Sobasically last year in Spain, like the
elections didn't pan out how they wanted. So they're just like, oh those
elections die. Those were practice elections. No no, no, no,

no, the real stuff's come undervery tight parameters. And then you won't
be able to vote in the Catalanarea. And yeah, anyway, I
was about to say, didn't theysay that there? They said, well,
no, there's gonna be another electionbecause that that one doesn't count.
And plus, if you are thepeople over in this part of the country.
You can't right because you keep votingthat you don't want us or to
be part of us anymore. Yeah, So the Catalan folks were not allowed

in that secondary and they brought riotpolice in to keep them from voting.
To save democracy. I'm sorry,I forgot that. Oh I forgot to
add that. Can we get thatas a drop of the button bar next
time you see an audio clip wheresomebody on ironically like Nancy Pelosi or somebody
says, to save democracy, Ijust need that as a drop because you

can get away with so much ifyou say that to save democracy. Oh
yeah, it's getting It's wild.What's even more wild is that they kind
of I guess maybe it's not,but it is a little how they pair

up these different elections and then theEU is somehow an oversight board. I
still have, as you can imagine, immense discomfort with that. But the
EU being the arbiter of what areand aren't fair elections, and then anytime
there is an election that doesn't reallyalign with the EU apparently there was.

We had to redo those, gotto redo those elections. Man, can't
have those And you know what,what do you think will happen nothing.
What do you think they're gonna do? And and they look they know how
to revolution over in France. Man, I've seen some stuff. I mean

they went pro like back in theday, but I mean they haven't had
that kind of like swagger in along time. Well, and to be
fair, who showed him how todo it? Right? Who directly before
that? Right? It's not likethey Well, I mean I think right

their revolution was a little different,but I think they were inspired by someone
else. Things sound a little differentthis morning. It is because I am
at our very I mean brand new. There was still film on one of
the screens studios in Greensboro. Soyeah, doing the ninety four to five

thing today, and it feels likea spaceship in here. It's really nice.
Ross. Do you know they makeboards where all the light bulbs work?
Were you aware of this? I'vestopped stopped your fact checking. What
do you NBC News Now? We'renot five honor people? Yeah, like

the lights work? It's crazy.You sound like you're in like an Empire
escape pod. I would not know. Only cowards get into escape pods?
Can we agree on this? Sowhy are you calling me a coward.
By the way, during the break, I can get a little video connection
with Ross's studio. He is completelytangled in his headphone cables. This is

in honor of the uh, theparatroopers in the Christmas lights. Yeah,
it's in honor of the paratroopers thatjumped into you know, on France.
I have today and got tangled upin that tree. Don't cut me out.
Don't because disrespect them. This isn'tbecause I'm an idiot, got tangled
up in my my headphone cable.This is the troop on the tree trimmer.

We got a three trimmer. Listenhere. He sent me an email.
He's like, I don't know whoit is, but I'm gonna find
out. I'm sorry. I thoughtthat was funny. So you got like
the good the good disease, likeright out of the lab. Huh,
like the first you got the freshnew disease right out of the lab.
Oh man, dude, isn't thatthe worst? You've had? This too?
Where you're sick and then like aweek later, even though you feel

amazing, right, you just feeland then all of a sudden, nature
is like, nah, not sofast. Here's a coughing fit for five
minutes for no reason that I canthink of. Yeah, so, yeah,
I got that. It's it's goodstuff, man, a little uh
not escape pod here. So butthe microphone sounds very different, which maybe

you notice, maybe you don't,But to Ross and I, it's like
nails on a chalkboard. Even ifit sounds good, it just sounds different
because then you assume like a pieceof your equipment. Soff so anyway,
but that's what's up with that?And uh but really really nice. Plus

we're right next to the ballpark forthe in High Point, so the Rockers
stuff right here. And literally weare on the outfield wall, so from
the studios you're looking right out overthe field. So that is super sweet.

It does you know? Now,granted that the Raleigh facilities have a
better view because they're much higher upin the air, which allowed us to
install, like Ross the Ross's weatherwindow, which is still boasting a one
hundred percent accuracy rate. But nowthis is very cool, very cool.

All right, this is wild.If you haven't seen it, Ross,
have you seen the sniper shot inFlorida through the computer? I have not.
Okay, I go to New YorkPost. It's on the right side.
It's like the second most story tosee. You have it there.
I'm sorry I should have sent itto you. All right, so this
is really this is movie stuff righthere. Newly released footage from Florida police

show the incredible moment a sniper shota bank robber through a desktop computer between
two hostages, killing the suspect.It's crazy. Ooh, I wonder if

I can port that computer through here. I'm afraid to touch anything in here.
Movie. You've got to have thecapability in that spaceship of a studio
to play the audio through the boardfrom the from the PC right, I
mean that would make sense. Idon't know. Is that something I want

to troubleshoot on the air. Probablynot. I'll screw with it off.
But all right, so check thisout. Here's how the scene unfolds.
A thirty six year old man goesinto a bank Fort Buyers. It was
a Bank of America, took twopeople hostage. You know, did the

thing that you see in the movies. Even if you're not a bank robber
right once they got you, yeah, you don't be. You don't want
to be going and checking the windowall alone. So you hide behind hostages,
coward little human shield action, whatare you hamas? And then all

of a sudden, the robber isgetting frustrated, right because police are here.
He realizes he's not getting out ofthere. Desperation is setting in.
He grabs, he crouches behind thehostages, and then as they're negotiating,
he grabs one of the hostages intoa headlock and put a knife to her

throat. And police went, allright, this thing is not moving in
the right direction. So you seeswat officers around surrounding the bank. They've
taken up positions, and a aguy one of the officers crouches down and

the other officer uses him as arest, which, by the way,
let I have do you know howmany rifles have been shot off my damn
shoulder? I don't recommend this andhearing protection, by the way, but
I've been the rest for a dozenat least a dozen of our hunters over

the years. Like because you know, you get out, especially into kind
of the prairie part of Wyoming,there not trees, sagebrush is not a
good rest. So the high schoolkid was driving you to where you get
to hunt, you use him andtrying to hold still. I'm just I'm

just pointing this out, like,yes, these guys are these guys are
super trained. I'm not questioning that. But still, you're human, you're
you're you're a rest, but you'realso a movable rest versus being able to
brace up like on a table orsomething along those lines. So just I
just want to I just want youto understand the complexity of the shot.

I gotta be honest, like situationallyit how do I how do I ask
this what gets you to the pointwhere your boss because right, every every

one of these situations in the movies, there's always some screamy captain who's never
happy even though you keep solving everything. Yeah, I know, it's still
it's like Carl Winslow and die Hardright down there on the yes, the
street with the captain who's an idiot. Yeah, yes, right, but
somebody had to be like, allright, take that shot, because that
shot, if it doesn't go well, you melon one of those hostile hold

on probably not the polite way tosay that, you know what I mean,
You shoot one of those hostages inthe head, because for because you
have an erratic suspect with a knife, like the amount of confidence you have
to have in that, but you'relooking at a situation that is quickly escalating
into a really bad place. Itreminds me of the Captain Phillips shot where

the Seals shot him through the windowof the tiny submersible. Member was yes,
sync sync up though, right?Yeah, that's different though, right,
because they had time to plan ina new ere. This is different
because it's a fluid situation and youhave all the hot you know, well,
I know, I think there's alot of similar You're right, they
did have time to plan kind of. Remember they didn't have line of sight

on two of these dudes. Theythey knew where, they knew where Phillips
was. If you watched that scenein the movie and then you watch I
saw a thing where they actually brokeit down, I want to say,
Jock is it, JOCKO if youwatch Shako at all, I think he
did a breakdown of this. Yeah, it's diagram of it, and the

diagram alone without the bobbing down thewater is insane. That. Yeah,
a thousand things are going on,and because you have really highly stressed individuals,
you have Captain Phillips obviously, right, he's he's in this he's in
that situation, and you know,every step of the way he knows that

either these guys are going to killhim or hell fires coming through into this
thing. Something's happening, and soyou're probably just like, don't move an
inch, don't move. But youhave these you know, you have the
Somali pirates. They're moving around,they're loud. The one guy kept standing

up, and you have to notmake one shot. You have to make
what three? Whether they shoot threesimuled no or maybe it was was it
four? That's crazy. But inthis situation, uh, you know,
you're sitting there and uh, guysalready repositioned himself three times, and you

take that shot. The sniper aimedhis rival with the suspect who you could
see a small smidgeon of the headover the top of a computer monitor.
And you also have the concern ofwhat happens to that round when it passes
through something. Now, And Idon't pretend to understand all of the ballistics

there, I mean, I guessI kind of do, because I understand
I have a pretty good understanding ofrifle rounds, speed drop charts, things
like that, just from over theyears. As many of you probably do
too, if you do a lotof hunting, or you like distant shooting,
but still you hit something, it'slike it's like watching. It's like

watching somebody like Chris Kyle explain howthey're setting up a shot at at like
fifteen hundred yards and they're getting intothey're getting into all that math that you
didn't want to go to. Now. Granted this is closer, but holy
hell, keep talking to me,Keep talking to me. I want to

know what's going through your head rightnow, said the negotiator, right before
they shot them through it. Idon't know if that's just like an action
movie that I was just gonna say. I didn't think this was an action
movie. And then you used aline you shoot the guy and he like
you shoot him into the freezer,and you're like, chill out, put

him on ice. You know whatI mean? How many guys have thought
of what they would say? Howmany raise your hand? All right,
I'll look at that. Every dudejust drove off the road. No they
didn't. You know why, becausethey're dudes and we can drive. That
is wild, all right? Youknow what else is wild? Raced agic?

In his vacation schedule. Amazing,Yeah, that's okay. We're going
to do it to you next week. Oh yeah, after I almost died
last week, then we're gonna doa vacation here next week. So good
to sound. Luckily I did escapethe three reported shark attacks, but that
was right in the area. Drandwith you, I didn't even for a

moment think that's a problem. Well, yeah, unfortunately we were exactly white
where one of those that happened solong were right on it. Yeah,
so we were right near today.A day later we left that day that
had happened. But yeah, luckilythat's is that a suit made out of
shark leather? I don't know whatthat is? Yeah? Where? Okay?

Exactly. Yeah, we can talkas much as we want about anything
else, because the weather is goingto be absolutely beautiful this week and into
the weekend. Now what's going tochange is that the heat's going to come
back. For now, it's goingto be comfortable low to mid eighties the
next two days overnight lows upper fiftiesto low sixties, so not too bad.
And then as we get into Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, especially increasing

heat and humidity, Big Ridge goingto build over the southeast. We're going
back into the nineties by Thursday andFriday. Humidity coming back and maybe starting
to see temperatures get into the midnineties by Friday Saturday in and around the
Triangle. Try it a couple degreescooler. Mountains are still going to get
into the nineties. And I don'tsee any appreciable rainfall here maybe through the
upcoming weekend, Casey, So it'sgonna be a pretty crazy week weatherwise.

Yeah, that's absolutely. I gotads asolutely soaked yesterday in downtown High Point
trying to yeah, get into myinto the new studios here. So well,
we're a good shape now. Sooh good, glad I got it
out of the system. All right, Shark whisper, we'll talk in an
hour, thank you. Yep,Yeah, there you go. Raced agic.

He's literally Poseidon or something. Allright, So all right, a
little more on this, a littlemore on the Sniper Store. Is a
couple other things that are quite interesting, and then uh, yeah, I
mentioned a little something about the Cubanmissile crisis. I don't think this will
be that, but yeah, heywe'll figure it out coming up case O

Day Radio program. Uh Cuba's Ministerof Foreign Affairs said in a statement that
the gorsh Cough, the Kazan,the Pachine and the nick Nika Lai Chick
chicattle who knows put it at thebottom of the ocean. Okay, Uh,

the four vessels expected to arrive inHavana on Wednesday. But it's they're
just they're just buddies. No,no, no, it's a Cuba said.
They're like, it's just a friendlyvisit with historically friendly relations, and
uh, you know, it's justnormal stuff. Nothing to see here.

And as you know, Russia havingmilitary equipment in Cuba, that's been a
topic of discussion in the past.Yeh, excuse me, I think other
than just basically a fun little storyto make jokes about it, I don't

know that anyone's because you look,if you're Russia and you thought, oh,
we're gonna we're gonna capture America withthose Uh no, there's some Look,
there's some dudes sitting somewhere, probablyjust south of Tampa, with gun
sights on these things the whole time. The US official, so the military

exercise will include heightened naval and airactivity. While we're disappointed that Cuba's likely
agreed to host visiting Russian ships.We are not surprised at a US official.
The official later confirmed the statement fromCuba that the sub is not carrying

any nukes. The journalist's story.If you didn't see that, stand on,
I have some thoughts, and I'mvery curious what the spin is gonna
look like. But let me,let me, let me hit this since
I promised it earlier. And well, you nice bed and just smashed my

cable against something, all right,Uh, San Francisco, and I see
what they're going to do here,Ross. I don't know why that just
made me laugh so hard. Ithink it's because I've been there and I
can't even imagine the grade that wouldbe necessary for that. Idiots building the

roads, you know what I mean? All Right, So, by the
way, just let me give youthe visual and he can retweet this.
So you know how mountain roads arevery curvy, and they're very curvy because
you're attempting to gain or I guess, uh, not gain as if you're
headed downhill, but you're you're you'redealing with a lot of grade, You're

dealing with a lot of altitude change, and so somebody, somebody's taken an
overhead like Google Maps picture of theroad where it collapsed on the big curve
there, and they went, whywould you just go straight to connect like
two of the bottom parts of thecurve. But of course that would you
know, create a ski slope forall practical purposes. But no, that's

a very good point. And Iyou know what, I'm not encouraging this,
and I do not want any ofyou if you're ever presented with this
particular situation in Wyoming, I don'tneed the music. In Wyoming, they
have gates where they just they'll shutan interstate off. I'm sure, especially

some of you truck drivers you knowwhat I'm talking about. So if it's
the weather's gonna get back, becausethey don't, there's not They always salt
and there's way too much snow comingdown sometimes, which is why the delineator
pulls on the side of the road. On some of the passes are like
six or ten feet tall, soyou can maintain visual even with that much
snow if they're trying to dig itout. So with that in mind,

but they have gates. So likewhen the weather got bad right at Buffalo,
which is we're twenty five and ninetymeters, they'll gate it and then
you just physically can't drive on thoseinterstates, which you know, if you're
a traveler going through, you're offto the hotel, you go, and
you just got to wait it out. But if you're local, I know

how to get around every gate andexactly where I need to go, and
a lot of times I don't evenneed to be on a paved road.
Ever. In fact, we weget bored during the summer and we'd see
if we could drive from like Gilletteto I don't know, Banner or something

or spotted Horse and not. Andyou're only allowed to cross over paved roads
other than that, just dirt roads. So it's not as far fetched as
this this graphic looks, but itis kind of fun. I love.
I'm sorry the people in the commentsthat are like, well, the reason
they had to make the road curvingout of the way and not a straight

line is it because then you drivemore, so then you have to spend
more on gas, which profits bigoil. That's exact. Well, no,
no, no, dude. Iwas going back to when I used
to lie to people and would askdumb wyoming questions like how old is a
deer before it's an olk? Sevenand a half. By the way,
the answer is seven and a half. You had the half and it sounds

more absolutely correct. So yeah,I was gonna say, it's how they
get you in Wyoming to spend youryour your tourist dollars. We're going to
keep you here longer because you gottado you know, you got ten mile
an hour switchbacks, spend your money. Cowards? All right? So anyway

over to this, San Francisco hasannounced the their very first free food market.
Ooh yeah. The cost I guessfor the initial month or something is
five and a half million. Okay, that was to set up and fund

the program for no, six months? Yeah, six months? Ah.
Can you call something a market ifthere's no if it doesn't cost anything,
is that a market? I mean, I fine, that's a small technical
thing. But also other than thegovernment funding this in perpetuity, like,

what are you trying to accomplish?And then it dawned on me Ross I
figured out what they're trying to do. You know that San Francisco has had
some issues with saft, homelessness,THESS. Right, these are all well

documented, right, I have heardabout them, Yes, okay, and
you know they're probably they're not agood look because you'll even get San Francisco
politicians will push back to'm like,oh, you're saggerated. It's not that
bad. No, everything's great downtown. It's not, by the way.

So rather than continue to have arampant steal whatever you want situation which has
caused all of these businesses to getthe hell out of the city center of
San Francisco, just call it's somethingdifferent. No, it's not a bunch
of thieves running around stealing all thefood and stuff down here. It's a
free it's a free market. Yeah, yeah, yeah, No, it's

a market where everything's free. They'rejust customers. Boom. Name change solved,
not a problem anymore. In fact, hold on, figure out which
are my seventy two mice? Isthe correct one? Here? Here we
go, all right, hold on, got something you're ready for this?

Boom. San Francisco has announced itsfirst five square mile open air outhouse.
In fact, Guinness is gonna comeby. It might be the biggest out
house in the world. Five squaremiles open air, beautiful ocean breezes,

little fog in the morning, coed. That sounds impressive. You gotta
bring the non gender specific bathroom facility. What do you think right now?
That's impressive. You got to bringthe family out there to check that out.
You check it out. Ball oftwine, right, biggest ball of
twine. Boom, big beer,big beer, boon, triple beat.

Except this is real and the twinewas too. Yeah, it's it's it's
our new outhouse initiative, by theway. No, and it's gender any
all genders, any of them.Fine, anywhere you want five square there
you go. You know, thetenor one district where they got all the

the the basically the drug assisted needlesituation. Like, people like that's bad,
right, world's biggest medical clinic downtownSan Francisco, directly adjacent to the
free food market and the world's largestouthouse. Have you seen the Beach of
Needles? It's wow. Actually I'vebeen. You know, there is a

beach called Needles in California, youknow, Yeah, although it probably isn't
covered in needles because it's not neara lot of the insanity. But yeah,
anyway, so anyway back to this, so Beach of Needles, Huh,
that's nice. Can the kids findseashells there or just needles. Speaking

of that, did you see that? You see what happened to that mom
in California took her kids to thebeach and they picked a bunch of seashells
and there, and then all ofa sudden, here comes here comes the
government and what are kids that havepicked up? Were clams? And of
course in California, everything's endangered.Everything is you know, Oh, you

guys want you guys want water,so you could all you know, you'd
be you know, not dehydrated oron fire all the time. And we
got all this snow. Maybe weshould build a reservoir. Can't the diversity
beetle lives there? Have we seenone? But they saw one back in
late seventies. Now we can't retainwater. The four thousand square foot district

ten free Food Market. I likehow it's named like it's the Hunger Games.
Is that lost on anyone, Dude? If you live somewhere and they
start naming stuff like the Hunger Games, move get out of there, or

manipulate the draw. You got choicesthough. Now by the way, kid,
you or I head down to thefree food San Francisco Market directly adjacent
to the world's biggest outhouse. No, Instead, you have to apply through
the City of San Francisco and theywill provide you a costco like benefits card

that allows you access to the facility. And even though you're not paying for
any of it, they are goingto track it for who the hell knows
why I got I don't know.But yeah, so well, I'm sure
that'll be a big success, bigsuccess there. All Right, we got
to talk about and I think KylonNews was playing that ross. Did you

hear Donald Trump talking about not taxingtips on the news this morning? All
Right, we're gonna have We're gonnahave to get into this. I have
some thoughts, I have some questions, actually, and I don't I don't
know how I feel about that,be quite honest with you, and you

know how I feel about taxes.But it's it feels so much like it
feels so much like we're in thevote buying season. But when is it
not vote buying but being responsive toyour constituents. A lot of times it's

based on who whether you voted forthe person or not. But I think
we can do it on an honestanalysis of this and also try to game
plan out maybe some some scenarios thatcould unfold if that was to be something
that passed. So we'll share withyou what he said and we'll talk about

it coming up here on the CaCODay Radio program. CaCO Day Radio program.
Let's talk tips, shall we know, Not gardening tips or shooting tips
or anything like that. I'm talkingcash money, the tips that many,
many, many many workers rely on, either as in some cases, the

primary source of income or at thevery least a significant portion of it,
and how taxing works on that.So already it's a little loosey goose,
right if you look at it purelyfrom a taxman perspective and getting everything you
owed, then you, you know, you you realize that probably not all

the tips are ending up on theold tax form. And you know what,
I encourage it. I do oneof the things that I make a
point to do, and I amabout ninety nine percent successful. Sometimes it's
just you can't do it. Ialways like to have cash on me.

I'm I always find it wildly.I have friends who never have cash on
them. They got you know,they got a host their credit cards.
They're not poor, and they mayoccasionally have a little something on them.
But and it's not because they're alligatorarmed kind of guys either. They just
never carry cash. And but yougotta have smaller stuff. So I just

let just reach in my pocket herewith some uh what we got just in
the random pants pocket this morning,let's say twenty, and like I have
like eight five dollar bills in atwenty just in my pocket. This I'm
not bragging. I'm not bragging becauseif I go out to eat and I
can, I'll I like to leavea cash tip for my server or bartender,

whoever it is. And I'm nottelling them, Hey, just throw
that in your pocket, dude,But I kind of am make it easy.
Plus, you know, I don'tknow how fast tips get turned around.
And I i've worked in a tippingenvironment before, but I did.

I did the pizza delivery thing whenI was in college. And I did
work at a restaurant I in Buffalo, Wyoming one summer just as kind of
a secondary little gig, picking upsome shifts there. And I liked having
those tips. Man, thought thatwas great. You know, I work
a few hours. You're not me. You're not you know, you're not

killing it. But if I gottwenty five bucks or whatever and tips going
out with my buddies that night,So like, I get it. So
what Trump was talking about in Vegasyesterday was the taxes on those and specifically

telling the nearly seven thousand in attendancethat And I had never heard this proposal.
He wants to end taxes on tips. Go into the home stretch a
thirty five CaCO day radio program.Just quick little housekeeping thing. We have

the Lieutenant governor this week. Normallywe would have had him last week,
but I had the plague, sowe'll be chatting with him on Wednesday.
So you got that, all right? Let me get back to Trump and
the tip thing. Where is whatis the dividing line between blatant vote buying

or putting policies out and saying,hey, this is how I think we
should do this. If you agree, you vote for me. That's you
know, that's a point of debate. I'll give you two examples. The
student loan stuff that threw people intoa tizzy. Why should I if I
didn't take student loans, pay forpeople with student loans, many of which

have careers where they make more moneythan me. That's a perfectly logical objection
on the part of a lot offolks who looked at the situation and said,
I, you know, I'm notgonna be able to go to this
four year school and study the fineart of uh, you know, the
the weavings of the baskets under thewater or what was that? What was

that degree that Columbia chick had,She had a bastards in it something something
some sort of like I don't strugglepoetry or say it was just ridiculous.
So AnyWho, people looked at thatand they went, this is this is
out You're out there just buying votes. So Donald Trump says, hey,

how about we don't tax tips?And you know me, uh as far
as uh the id the government needsless tax money and less people and less
power and all of that. That'syou know, my general driving philosophy on
this stuff. But if you're stillgoing to tax income, a lot of

people I don't get any tips.Ross, do you get tips? So
actually, technical Ross does get tips. I'm just thinking about this, and
you get taxed when people come toyour twitch thing right and do the little
I don't even know what it becalled if it's tipping, but I get
taxes are awful, man, andthey're nightmare. You get like two,
like ten eighty nine's from Twitch,and then you get a different one from
stream Labs. And this will bethe first year I get one from PayPal

because they changed. They did thesix hundred thing where if you get a
right they start taxing that. Yeah. So and they are considered tips.
Yes, okay, So I guessthe question is is the right thing there
to take one stream of income,one source of income and negate it.

And we look, we do thingsalready differently, which is why we get
into these insanely stupid and disingenuous capitalgains versus standard income tax. That's you
know, so Warren Buffing can comeout and be like, I shouldn't pay
more or less taxes than my nurseor whatever is exam second or terrier,
whatever, And the reality is hedoesn't. He pays an ungodly sum of

taxes because he makes a crap tonof money and when he realizes gains from
investment, which is you, whichby the way, is investment that's been
made using money that had been taxedafter being used as payment to him back

in the day. So it's technicallya second bite at the apple, there
is a different rate. We alreadyhave a progressive income tax in the US,
and in now in North Carolina,we don't anymore, right because they
they one sized it, but wedid so already. If if you know,

if I make five hundred thousand,by the way, I don't,
I wish I did. If Imake five hundred thousand a year, and
Ross makes five thousand a year,his affective tax rate, mine a tax
rate a different That's just how itis already within our system. So is

that the way to go to eliminatethat? Also, let me ask you
this, how many now? IfI want to, if I want to
pay you a dude under the table, how about it is tip them.
I'm not paying I'm not paying theguy who came over and fixed my retaining
wall. I'm tipping a dude whofixes retaining walls for hobby and sport and

I'm just so inspired by what agreat retaining wall fix it job he just
did. I'm going to give youa tip, dude, And yes,
it does happen to be basically whatI would have paid last year to actually
pay you to do it. Buthey, it's I just wanted to tip
you good job. I'm my householdslide away, and then you run into

that situation. I don't know whatthe answer is, but I'm curious what
you think. All right, Oh, here's a man who knows about tips
from his strip club investigation days Boston, Paul, what's up? No,
no, I'm an audio expert.Don't forget it, say it. I'm
your audio expert. I believe inthis non toxing that tipped people because I

already make crap money as it is, and uh, you know, I'll
tip, I'll tip, just borroweverybody who provides a service in cash,
always cash, because I'm a cashguy too. Look at you, Look
at you. Finally getting it right, because well, some of these employee
employeers will keep some of the tips. And then these you know, these
tipped employees maybe making five bucks anhour or something, because they'll say,

what, you're going to make tips? So yeah, we're not not very
often. I would put a tipon a credit card because we're not going
to get Yeah, no, Iwant I want him to have it.
And also it tips like a gift, man. I mean, I understand
that it's it's it's it's basically perfunctory, uh with you know, like in
a dining establishment. But if ifI want to give the gallager's cup,

I got I gotta go get myhair cut today, and you know,
I'll probably throw a few bucks away. She does a good job. But
that's you know, I don't alwayshave the those those little delivering something to
the house. I'll give the guytwenty bucks. It's not Pakfast, you
guys, twenty bucks ago get acup of coffee. But and but I
went to you know, buying votes. If it is for buying votes,

who's got a better scheme then?I mean not there's a bunch of people
with student loans, but how manypeople are in the tip industry. It's
especially in Vegas. I mean,let's face it, he was Vegas is
the place to announce that, right, It's a city that runs on tips,
man, and it's novady. Hecan use the voats for this.

Yeah, I'll tell you what.I if I had to pick a state
that could be the most incredibly differentfrom twenty twenty, I think it's going
to be Nevada. They're absolutely bipolarover there, man. So yeah,
all right, well we'll see.You know what, Boston we should tip
you for your calls. Man,Brod, you like that? Yeah,

well hold on, hold on,let me get my let me get my
pocket. Here see what I gotfor you? Oh oh, I just
have this one finger? Sorry?Why do you have so many fives in
your pocket? He going to thestrip because it's no so yesterday? No,
so yes, no, because yesterday, yesterday I got me a delicious

lunch and I paid with a Ihad one hundred dollars bill because somebody gave
me a hundred because I know whowins basketball games, because I'm psychicked and
so anyway, so I use that. And the guy at the register who
had who had served me was hegave he gave me the crappiest look ever

and then he could see where itdonned on him. I wanted it for
tips, and then it was fine, Everything was fine. But he had
to give me basically all of hisfive. So yeah, I have fine,
But you're not going to the strip, jank with the thighs. What
time do you want me to meetyou? Where we go? Are you
gonna go down the golf tournament andyell in Bostonian at people that'd help their

game? No, No, I'mgonna stay away a minute, painting about
to get into as it is.Yeah, oh yeah, because you got
to go to work. I forgotall right, get out of here.
Yeah, he's so busy, sobusy doing whatever the hell Boston Paul does
all day. I like how heI like how he pretended like they're delivering

tools to his house to do workand not beer. That was good cover
too, sir. All right,eight forty four, let's get ray stage.
You can hear hey, old weatherchannel. We got the Yeah,
we got the we got the Open. I don't know if you've heard of
this big, big tournament, tournamentThursday. Well, I mean that's yeah.

Do you know how golf works.I do. I just don't follow
a lot of gul She thought theychanged it up, like, I don't.
What if we do Tuesday Friday?Why not? We could do that?
But yeah, and hotter weather comingin just in time? Late No,
ten years ago. Last time itwas here was like one hundred degrees

every day. I swear, ifyou do that to me again, I'm
bringing sharks to your house. Whoa, uh, well, so maybe not
one hundred in terms of temperature.I don't know how close to one hundred
it's going to feel and I thinkthe hottest days this week are going to
be later in the week. Uh, let's see Friday Saturday, load of

mid nineties, so maybe ninety threeto ninety five air temperature on those days,
and it might feel a little warmer, maybe not quite a hundred.
But the good news there is norain and light winds, and until then
are still going to be looking attemperatures that are comfortable. The next few
days. Now seeing the clouds startto clear out in the mountains and into
the triad that clearing is coming east, will continue to see clearing sky today,

a little mid eighties, same thingtomorrow, overnight lows in the sixties,
and then we'll start to heat upWednesday mid the upper eighties and then
near or above ninety between ninety andninety five Thursday and Friday, probably Saturday
two is a big ridge kind ofdigs in the southeastern US, and even
Sunday at are just above probably ninetydegrees. So it's one days. Man,
I'm gonna get warm. I'm gonnaget humid too, toward late week,

just in time for out of theopen. All right, Well,
you know what are their shade bywhere they sell the beer. So then
you have like big aunting thing ifthey do that. Now, if there
wasn't shade, would that keep youaway? Well, I have the press
pudential, so the I got pressedand I don't even know what those are.
Don't even know what those are.Never in my life have I ever?

Dude, it's wild. So theyhave like this big circus tent and
the radio and print in the middle, but on the edge around it are
all the different TV setups right forGolf Channel, for Fox Sports, but
they have like the Asian Golf Showout of Japan or whatever. You ever
see an Asian TV? How crazyit is? No, Like you just

be standing, they'll be They wereinterviewing a golfer and a dude in a
purple octopus suit just runs out.It's just like, hey, how about
some tentical stuff. Yeah, wellso, and I'm just sit there watching
it. I'm like, this isamazing. You guys are insane over there.
So I've got some advice for you. Okay, drink more beer,
drink more beer. That I willwork on it. I'll work on it,

all right, thank you, sir? All right? Yeah, yeah,
and then we'll come back to youatwith Jeff Bellinger. Next hang on
Good Morning, Casey Stock's pulled back, and Friday's trading. After the Labor
Department reported that job creation was muchstronger than expected in May. Losses for
the major averages ranged from a tenthto a quarter of a percent. We

get the Conference Board's Employment Trends indexafter the markets opened this morning. It
could offer some clues to the paceof hiring in the months ahead. At
the moment, the futures are modestlylower now futures down fifty seven points.
The Federal Reserve's policy meeting and newreadings on inflation highlight the economic calendar for
this week. Both events will happenon Wednesday, and the analysts say we

could see some volatility on Wall Streetahead of those events. A Microsoft took
the wraps off some new video gamesand new consoles to play them on at
its Summer Fest event. Over theweekend, the software giants Xbox division announced
plans for new entries in the Doomin Years of War franchises. Rising home

prices and high mortgage rates make ithard to become a homeowner, and inflation
has caused the cost of being ahomeowner to soar. Bank Rate reports the
cost of owning a home has increasedtwenty six percent since twenty twenty. Taxes,
insurance premiums, and utilities have allrisen, and the average annual cost
of owning and maintaining a typical singlefamily home is more than eighteen thousand dollars

on top of mortgage payments and Casey, the softening in the labor market has
shifted the balance of power back toemployers. Workers are less confident about their
ability to find new jobs, sothe number of people voluntarily quitting their jobs
as close to a three year low. Fewer people quitting means fewer are getting

promotions. The chief economist at Glassdoorsays it's especially hard now for entry level
workers to move up. Casey,what you want to do on the home
thing, Jeff, is squat.It's much cheaper. Okay, just do
nothing, Okay, yeah, tofind a house be like mine now.
And then I've seen up at thefollowing that story in New York. Yes,

oh my gosh, so that guy'ssaving bucks right there. So all
right, so there you go.That's my pro tip for you, Jeff,
have a good one. Okay,Well, thank you for that.
You have a good day. Lookat that save Jeff a bunch of money
and maybe you yeah, you justgot a squad that I would try it
at homes in Johnston County. Letme know how, the guy you go

first, go ahead? You knowhow that goes? All right? To
the phones. On the tipping issue, let's start with Chris, what's up,
Chris? Hey, good morning,Casey. So tips to ensure prompt
service, and I always tip fiftyto eighty percent of the bill, and
the people really appreciate it, andit almost ensures me like a spot,
like they remember me when I comeback and I get just such great service

from tipping really well. But Idon't believe Trump's actually trying to buy votes
like the Democrats do. The Democratslike to really buy votes. He's just
trying to relieve an oppression from people, is what I see. I should
tax as oppressive. You know,people too much money are oppressed. So

some of the some people think studentloans because you have the right to well,
you haven't know. Because I've gottena student loan and I had to
pay it back and I chose toget the loan. We don't choose to
get taxed. They just take ourmoney. It's not like we're paying taxes.
That's and this is why I'm conflictedon it. This is why I'm
conflicted on it because it feels likethis, But also I understand saying I,

you know, maybe we shouldn't dothis, but also maybe you shouldn't
tax radio guys so much. Iwas just thinking that, so we shouldn't
tax anybody. We should feel free, but mostly not radio gas people,
mostly not radio guys radio. Realquick? This person you tip eighty percent?
What time is she on stage?She's not on stage, mostly bartenders

and waitress. I don't go toscript clubs because who brought up a strip
club? Sir? I didn't bringout strip you did? All right?
Get out of your perv? Ross? Did I say strip club? I
didn't say no? All right,Donna, I got about a minute.
Good morning, casey uh? Youknow, since you tipp the call is

I would like my cut? Ihave no problems. Did you tip?
Well? Hold on? Did youtip Ross for screening your call? Donna?
Oh, he's checks in the mail.
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