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Lets Just Talk - Janice Willett

May 28, 201459 min
Our first guest is Janice Willett a faith based author of” Affairs of the Heart” who sees herself as just an ordinary person. She questions why God choose her for this endeavor…and the answer she gets is because she listens and follows directions.

Labeled by Father Williams as an intercessor, she is used by God to relay His divine messages to the troubled, sick and dying; as well as to bring closure between the living and those who have passed. Many events are not on demand, they are just presented in God’s time. In addition to writing, Janice enjoys designing landscapes, music and sports.

Author Mark Lee Greenblatt is featured with his new book VALOR: Unsung Heroes from Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Home Front the book profiles the lives of 9 unsung and unknown military heroes.

In VALOR, Greenblatt transports you to Iraq, Afghanistan and even the middle of the Atlantic Ocean through the eyes of soldiers, sailors, and Marines. You truly experience how ordinary men become heroes as

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