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Lets Just Talk - Joanna Giangardella

June 5, 201459 min
Joanna Giangardella, author, entrepreneur and survivor of stage four cancer is our guest today.

She will discuss her life story and her two books, “Dancing Skeleton, A Journey through Stage Four Cancer” a biography of what a person (like Joanna) with stage four , aggressive form of cancer goes through from the first symptom, to treatment and recovery. Joanna also talks about how five years ago when she was diagnosed with stage four cancer and how she beat it. Joanna discusses why she changed her career to health and wellness; why she eats raw food, why her new regiment of juicing and adding Juice Plus supplements changed her life.

Her first book, “The Girl from the Tower, A Journey of Lies”s a true story of a young girl’s journey that gives a poignant perspective of international adoptions, the collision of cultures, and the well-intentioned but flawed American intervention following the Greek Civil War. The strong bond between mother and daughter and how that love overcomes distan

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