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Lets Just Talk - Lawrence Allen

June 19, 201461 min
Lawrence Allen lived in Greater China for 20 years. While at university his parents made an early, pioneering trip to China in 1980.Intrigued by their photos and tales from a newly emerging China, Lawrence following his interest in international business with his fascination for China. He launched his career serving various executive roles with multinational companies in Taipei, Taiwan in 1989, followed by postings in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Mr. Allen discusses his first Novel “Tree of Liberty” a Trilogy and his life for 20 years in China. This book is so action packed, exotic, and a thrill ride from cover to cover, I could not put it down. This Novel is Kathryn’s Pick for the month!!! A MUST READ FOR EVERY GENERATION!!!!! You can purchase the book on Amazon.com. And for more information on the continuing works of Lawrence Allen go to his website at www.treeoflibertyusa.com.

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