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Mat Men Ep. 31 – Spaghetti and Mayonnaise 10-3-13

October 4, 201363 min
This week on Mat Men your favorite wrestling fans talk about what they liked about current WWE programming and how RAW seems to be good again (who'd have thought!?) They chat about the current storylines, Randy Orton, The Rhodes angle, Randy Orton, the midcard and undercard, Randy Orton, and about Los Matadores! They also talk about Randy Orton! Also, the fellas discuss what makes a great star in the wrestling business. Rich is also forced to watch a video of Bret Hart and Jim The Anvil neidhart FREAKIN' OUT, MAN! This fun filled episode has some great back and forth between your lovable mod squad of wrestle-philes; Andrew, Rich, and Jon!

Chat About Mat Men Ep. 31 – Spaghetti and Mayonnaise 10-3-13

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