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Conversations with the Elders

January 5, 201460 min
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Conversations with the Elders feat. Rev. Anthony Farmer

January 2014 brings a new year, and a new format! Join us as we kickstart our twice-a-month format. We'll now air on 1st Sundays at 6 PM EST, featuring gifted intuitives and psychics to connect to Spirit and share wisdom for our callers. First up is beloved visionary, mystic, healer, teacher, and writer, Rev. Anthony Farmer.

Imagine journeying in your mind's eye to the Elder's cabin high in the mountains. You never know what to expect as the Elders of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water share wisdom, life experiences, stories, perspectives and love. Rev. Anthony Farmer has journaled his spiritual and shamanic visits, experiences and conversations with the Elders in two books thus far. He will join us on the show to discuss his latest book, Conversations with the Elders: The Sacred Journeys, Vol. 2. Also, he will take us on a journey to the cabin and provide us with our own messages of wisdom and support from the Elders.

Rev. Anthony Farmer , OUnI, CMH is the Senior Minister/Spiritual Director of Visions of the Heart Spiritual Life Center in Takoma Park, MD. He is an ordained Interfaith Minister from The New Seminary of New York City, and an ordained Interfaith InterSpiritual Cleric and Wisdom Keeper through the Order of Universal Interfaith. He is a Spiritual Life Coach trained at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, and former member of the faculty. He has inspired and trained many lightworkers through his Feather of Fire Shamanic Healing Circles, Way of the Mystic Heart, and Path to Heart spiritual development programs. His ministry is to teach and guide you to reconnect to your heart-mind--the gateway to Sacredness, Wholeness, Love, Light and Truth.

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