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Everything I Needed to Know

May 15, 201459 min
MBSFood: Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from my 6-Month Old

There is an African tribe that celebrates mothers with the songs of warriors. The first time a woman in this tribe leaves home following the confinement period after giving birth, everyone she meets along the road greets her with a sacred song otherwise reserved for warriors returning from battle. She’s honored as having lived through a rite of passage that will forever mark her womanhood as abundant and powerful and blessed.

For our Mother's Day show we will welcome Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned from My Six Month Old author, Kuwana Haulsey. Tune in as she shares about her new book, which fuses memoir, spirituality and self-development into the unique perspective that babies are actually extraordinary spiritual teachers who are capable of showing their caregivers the way toward inspired living. This award-winning novelist and freelance journalist began writing this project as a love story between herself and

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