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May 5, 201466 min
MBSFood: Music, Messages & More with Ifalade Ta'Shia Asanti

Ifalade Ta'Shia Asanti is an award-winning Journalist, Editor, Fiction Writer, Filmmaker, Poet, Performance Artist, Cultural Educator, Host/Producer of The Window, Celebrated TV Personality, Non-Profit Consultant, Spiritual Teacher, Business Developer and Literary/Life Coach. She's also a very powerful intuitive and a priestess in the Ifa tradition. So with all of those hats, no wonder we will have a mix of it all when she stops by to guest on Mind, Body & Soul Food!

Ifalade Ta'Shia Asanti is the author of four books: The Seer: Legacy of Stone & Spirit; The Sacred Door: A Spiritual Guide to Power Living; The Bones Do Talk and The Master Breakthrough. Ta'Shia's essays, short stories and editorials have appeared in distinguished magazines, books, anthologies, journals, newspapers and web publications. Ta'Shia has appeared on TV (Good Morning Colorado, Fox News, Showtime, E!, Sy-fy Channel and PBS) and radio networks across th

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