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Questions for the Other Side

April 7, 201489 min
MBSFood: Questions for the Other Side with The Scientific Mystic Rosemary Bredeson

How did someone with a career in Mathematics, having worked on NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Project, become The Scientific Mystic? What is Dimensional Living and how can we get solutions elsewhere for problems existing in this 3-dimensional space called "reality?" You'll find this out and more when you tune in for our show featuring Rosemary Bredeson, The Scientific Mystic! We'll also open the phone lines and take questions for those on "The Other Side."

Rosemary is a spiritual healer/counselor/medium who works with individuals looking for the guidance they need to have confidence, clarity and creative energy to choose to Live Your Richest Life. Working with individuals and groups around the world, Rosemary reaches into many dimensions for answers and next steps to help her clients make leaps forward into manifesting their greatest desires. Through her guides and connecting clients to their own inner guidance Rosemary combines this wisdom with practical business and life skills to generate a roadmap for the path to living a life of purpose and success. She is a Master Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming [NLP], a Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy, a Reiki Master and a Scientific Hand Analyst. Rosemary is also an author, and her next book, "From Astrophysics to Metaphysics: A Journey Beyond the Hubble Space Telescope" will be published later this year. Rosemary lives near Annapolis, Maryland with her husband, Richard; together they offer events and activities at their Spiritual Study Center for A New Alliance in Severna Park. To find our more about Rosemary, check out her website,www.TheScientificMystic.com, or call/email 410-991-6139/ rosemary@TheScientificMystic.com.

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