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The Art of Baby Making w/Gerad Kite

February 10, 201460 min
MBSFood: The Art of Baby Making feat. author Gerad Kite

Meet Gerad Kite. He is an internationally renowned Acupuncture Master, Fertility Expert and founder of The Kite Clinic in London. He is known for getting women pregnant—well over 1000 of them, in fact. Whether they are worn down by the emotional struggle of years spent trying to conceive, have become confused by medical intervention, or are just starting to think about having a family, Kite’s signature combination of acupuncture, psychotherapy and spiritual well-being - all delivered with his compassionate touch - produce phenomenal results for aspiring parents. Now couples everywhere can take Gerad Kite’s advice home with them.

In his book, The Art of Baby Making, Gerad Kite distills his twenty-five years of clinical experience and aims to find alternative strategies for prospective parents. Using his Five-Element Acupuncture method - an ancient Chinese practice that advocates the balance of body, mind and spirit in order to ensure that all can function as nature intended - Kite treats the mother and father-to-be as a whole, assessing all the elements that could be out of sync. As a result, men and women will receive support to unite their minds, their bodies and their spirits on their journey towards parenthood.

Join us as Gerad Kite dishes out about the book and his amazing successes, just in time for Valentine’s Day, a baby-making time if there ever was one!

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