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Valentine's Love & Relationship Readings

February 16, 201482 min
MInd Body & Soulfood-Valentine's Day Love & Relationship Readings

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day? No, then tune in to Mind, Body & Soul Food for our special Love Episode! Our guests are Torrie C, spiritualist and intuitive, who is known for her honest and insightful readings on love and relationships, and returning guest, Coach Wilma Lee, powerhouse healer and intuitive. Call 917.889.7806 with your questions on love, whether you are in a relationship or not, and receive support for you to create the loving situation that you desire!

Spiritualist Torrie C believes we all have the ability to tap into Spirit to receive information and insight. However, for various reasons, many of us don't cultivate and make use of this ability. She has spent three decades honoring and honing her gifts to provide others with guidance from Spirit. If you are open and ready to move to the next level, she can assist you in attracting, developing and sustaining loving relationships, prosperity, and joy.

Coach Wilma Lee provides Reiki, motivational speaking, women's circles, and intuitive consults through her company, Full Bloom Services. A graduate of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, she will help you sow the seeds of intention, cultivate a life of love, and live your live in full bloom.

This show is going to be truly scrumptious, so make sure to call in early to get in the queue as your special Valentine's Day treat to yourself!

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