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Successfully Navigating Florida Divorce

January 31, 201730 min
Divorce happends - even to Christians; so what can you do to make this transition as smoothly as possible? Join us as we interview Atty. Bill Beck author of Florida Divorce Guide: Your Guide to Succesfully Navigating Florida Divorce.

This FLORIDA DIVORCE GUIDE is your Step by Step Guide to Successfully Navigate Florida Divorce.  Attorney and Author Bill Beck provides real answers to some of the most difficult legal questions challenging today’s families struggling with divorce, including: • Uncontested Divorces • Child Custody • Alimony • Calculation of Child Support • Property Division

BILL BECK, ESQ., is a successful divorce attorney in Pinellas County, Florida. Frustrated with the lack of skill and empathy in the legal community, Mr. Beck started his own firm almost 10 years ago where he guides individuals and families through tough legal issues. 

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