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Our Dolphin Ancestors

May 18, 201656 min
Aired Wednesday, 18 May 2016, 2:00 PM ET

Today’s Star is Frank Joseph

Frank Joseph’s latest book is Our Dolphin Ancestors, which reveals the shared ancestry behind our affinity with dolphins and our shared destiny.

About the Guest Frank Joseph

Frank Joseph has published more books (twelve) about the lost civilization of Atlantis than any other writer in history. Since 1980, he has been researching Plato’s sunken city, traveling around the globe in search of relevant clues. Joseph was the editor-in-chief of Ancient American, an alternative science magazine, from its inception in 1993 until his retirement, seventeen years later. His work has received awards from the Midwest Epigraphic Society, the Burrows Cave Society, the Ancient American Artifact Preservation Society, and Japan’s Savant Society, where was cited as a Professor of World Archaeology. He has been interviewed by Shirley MacLane, Whitley Strieber, Art Bell and numerous other radio hosts. Joseph lives to day in the Upper

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