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Realities of Creation

May 4, 201656 min
Aired Wednesday, 4 May 2016, 2:00 PM ET

Today’s Star is Jean Adrienne

Have you ever wondered what wishes you would ask for if you found Aladdin’s lamp? Jean Adrienne’s book about conscious creation puts a Genie in your hands.

About the Guest Jean Adrienne

Jean Adrienne joins us to discuss Realities of Creation, of which she is the lead author. Because we are multi-dimensional beings, we have the ability to create in several, if not many, different realities. We aren’t just limited to the physical world anymore. Truly we never were, but we just weren’t able to expand our minds to be able to see that. We had no frame of reference. The past is gone, taking with it all thoughts of playing small. You have found that magic lamp, and you aren’t limited to just three wishes—you can have as much (or as little) as you can handle.

Jean is also is the developer of the InnerSpeak TM Breakthrough Coaching and Therapy process, as well an author, radio show host, world traveler and entrepreneur.

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