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3 Mins Blind Intuitive Reading Quickies - Diversity Power

January 29, 201745 min
We are better because we are diverse!
Time to go within, centering self and protect self from the darkness.
Disallow destruction. Become aware of the flow.
Let us give a moment and space to be.
Why? Because each of us deserves own attention to self.

Conscious breathing exercise to being current by updating awareness, reconnect, reset intention for the next.

The reading picks for the week are: (Symbol: Category)
- Peach: Life path
- Cat Tail: Life path
- Campfire: Life path

Request your energy reading without telling private information anonymously and take advantage of free benefit I am servicing the community. By doing so, you will also support our energy of oneness by co-creating, being part of the collective field energy! The form is here:
Look forward to intuiting you needs!
You are supposed to be over 21 years of age to submit this reading request.

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