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3 Mins Intuitive Blind Reading Quickies - Believing Your Power

August 21, 201645 min
Overcoming Inner and Outer Roadblocks -
Believing Personal Power

Weekly Breathing Meditation Exercise to join in co-creative oneness energy and being in current here now.

When we give our attention to our feeling, the energy moves towards there. In the energy of oneness, the energy is easier mobilizing for each particle, in each of our experience as we can get a benefit of being a part, for our own conscious creation and healing.

Remembering our own capability to overcoming the obstacle to moving forward. The space between noticer, we and the obstacle, there is information coming from the mind, feeling, memories and etc.
We have many kinds of experience since we were born to up this now, and these are useful for addressing new challenge when we need courage. Let us remind self and each other that we have enough power with us to overcoming roadblocks showed to awareness.

Reading Picks for the week are: (Symbol: Category)
Cinamon: Love
Red: Life path
Tea: Love
Star: Love Relations

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