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3 Mins Intuitive Blind Reading Quickies - Neutralize Self

September 18, 201644 min
Neutralize Self
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Noticing the Universal flow around as... Mercury is retrograding, Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon as the trend.
We are expanding with video cast for the day with over 200 viewers joining us is my unexpected happiness!
Let us being current with conscious breathing exercising counting three from nose one.....two...three...and slowing exhaling from mouth...
As we always choose the word resonating the current feeling, it would translate feeling into the word uses both right and left brain. Scientifically shows that when we translate feeling the emotion, the right brain into the word, logic handled with the left brain, less likely to have anxiety and panic attack in our system.

Practically consciously, connected to our feeling and choosing the word noticing what's inside... might bring a balance to whole presence.

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