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3 Mins Intuitive Blind Reading Quickies - Emotional Up & Down, Detachment Is The Key

April 9, 201745 min
Emotional ups and down.... How do we want to handle when it feels like controlling your day as roller coaster ride? Let us join in breathing exercise for being in current aligning mindfulness state and being in part of the co-creative energy of oneness by listening, requesting energy reading!
The energy view of the flow around here. Emotional bumps challenge new level of individual practice. The opportunities encourage us to become more aware of what we are at the edge of conscious creation of the earth reality.
How can we use emotions? In a practical way? As useful resource and tools for our daily life?
Anger, Fear, Sadness, Joy, Love. The emotion brings information for conscious creators, as the tools of bettering when we are able and choosing to use it.
Does seven colors influence human?
About the color and energy frequency. The human body, energy chakra, and relationship in colors.
Each rainbow color represents human body, energy chakras.
Intuitive Blind Reading picks for the week are (Symbol: Category)
- Wooden box - Love and relationship
- Pillow - Lifepath
- Pineapple - Love and relationship
Request your energy reading without telling personal information anonymously. Take advantage of the free benefit that I am servicing the community reminding personal power. At the same time, by doing so, you also support our energy of oneness, the co-creative field where holds the universal energy return system! Look forward to intuiting your needs!
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Love to your heart.

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