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3 Mins Intuitive Reading Blind Quickies - Reminder Of Joy

August 28, 201644 min
Reminder Of Joy -
Join us by listening, requesting a free anonymous reading and support co-creative energy community of oneness that helps your conscious creation as a reliable resource!

Let us start off with being current exercise by giving our attention to your body, mind, feeling at this time of your day.
Consciously connect and know where you are, together, choosing the word in resonance. Mind, intellect, feeling aligning to the physical body by intaking energy all the way from breathing in air from nose counting 3 from now one.... two... three.... and release slowly from mouth...
Where I am at this present point of co-creating oneness, expecting new moon solar eclipse - feeling the end summer, and in the process of mercury retrograde - encourage the acts of re-do, review, reconnect, re-arrange for upcoming.
The flow of ending the summer. Such a good time to review the season and activities how far we came this year 2016. Remind joy, the season of summer.

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