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Energy, Focus, Redirect Reality in Better Next Resonance

November 6, 201645 min
The embodiment of good feeling. Adjust for ideal experience for the next step in resonance. Starting to know what it is?

Let us start with conscious breathing exercise being current in here, now moment. Giving an attention to our physical being from the top of head to all the way down to the toes...connecting to the earth. Notice the feeling you are with now. And choose the feeling you like to experience at the end of our gathering in the energy of oneness. Let us embody it together here, now.

We have the power, you have the power to give assign a meaning to what came to our awareness.

We only know what we experienced. Knowing what would bring a good feel to our heart allows expanding experience resonate to joy.

Allow to having the above neck elements - intellect, knowledge, mind, intelligence, ability to support wholehearted wishes, heart of the matters to the earth reality...

Blind Reading Picks for the week are (Symbol: Category)
Cloud: Life path
Blue Lagoon: Life pa

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