Continuous Performance Testing

March 9, 201441 min
Automate. Rinse. Repeat. Every day at every hour and every minute there are developers writing code, committing code to the repo, building snapshots, checking out stuff, debugging it, profiling it and generally making things happen continuously. So, why not have performance testing be part of that continuous world? It’s a hot topic in this edition of PerfBytes where we are joined by our fellow pancake-loving co-originator Carlos Chidiac as we debate the value and pragmatics of integrating performance into your continuous integration and continuous delivery process automation. Don’t be scared by James’ Perf Rant about CPT, Agile & DevOps and Carlos who both agree that ‘Speed Kills’ when it comes to your attempts to accelerate performance through automation. Mark shares a few technical tips and we generally advise you to be aware of the pitfalls of trying to promote speed over quality.

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