Performance Diagnostics Part 1

March 18, 201429 min
Needle. Haystack. Go! Sometimes all we get from our load testing tools is a capture of the response times and throughput, and maybe some minimal resource monitoring if you're lucky. That means to actually see deeply into the application code as it is running, a diagnostics package can open that black-box to you, to find out exactly WHY the system is running slow. As you dig into the system under test you’ll be able to see exactly why the % CPU utilization is so high, and why so many bytes/sec are being pumped through the stack and exactly the SQL statements used by the database. In this Part 1 episode with our guest host and fellow performance guru Petar Puskarich, we'll chat about how to get started with diagnostics, handling politics and objectives, working with third party instrumentation and how Petar's first experiences back in 2001 aren't that unfamiliar to folks today. James is concerned about being abducted by aliens and we have multiple micro-perfrants, all on this deep-dive episode of PerfBytes!

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