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Behaviour management in active learning – PP30

March 28, 201439 min

Our topic of the week is Behaviour management in active learning.

We were delighted to be joined by Pivotal Trainer and active learning specialist, Tara Elie this week.

Paul starts by asking what the benefits are of adopting an active approach to learning. Lots of people can view this approach as just 'playing around' in an era when we are being told that it's better to 'machine-gun' facts into children.

Tara points out that it's important to look at who we are teaching today - we have a very media-savvy, visual generation in front of us.  We can use this to our advantage. Tara has seen the benefits of learners being actively engaged in lessons.

Students are more likely to access their prior learning when they are active
They receive more instant feedback from teachers which can be especially important for those with challenging behaviour - they know they are doing the right things because they are told immediately
This is great for building positive relationships
Self-reliance and self-confidence are boosted
Independent learning is promoted because teachers can step back back and let the learners be independent
For most learners, it's more motivating to be active than passive in the learning experience
Learners have the opportunity to learn by observing others closely

Paul points out that when learning is confined to desk-based inactivity...

Read the rest of the show notes on the Pivotal Education site.

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Chat About Behaviour management in active learning – PP30

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