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Best of the Guests – PP44

July 18, 201432 min
As we prepare to take a short break over the Summer, we present a retrospective look back through the array of great guests we have welcomed onto the Pivotal Podcast over the past academic year.

The episodes included are:

The teacher as performer with Ollie Frith – PP13
Behaviour for sports teams and parents with Garth Smith – PP18
Magnificent Classroom Cultures with Phil Beadle – PP23
Leading Behaviour from the Middle with Darrell Williams – PP26
School Direct and routes into teaching with Stuart Garbutt – PP27
Behaviour management in active learning with Tara Elie – PP30
Blogging with children from Year 1 – 13 with David Mitchell – PP31
A Lecturer’s View of Teacher Training with James Williams – PP34
Hywel Roberts – teaching hooks and exercising imagination – PP37
Tait Coles on Punk Learning! – PP40
Social Media for Teachers with Ross McGill – PP41
Jon Tait on Skype and the Global Classroom – PP42

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