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Girls and behaviour – PP35

May 9, 201438 min
Our topic of the week is Girls and behaviour.

This week we welcomed Pivotal Trainer, Helen Day, to the podcast to share her experience and expertise around girls and behaviour.

Paul starts by asking what's different about girls' behaviour that makes it distinct from boys' behaviour.  Helen makes the general points that girls don't tend to monopolise the space in t he classroom or the playground.

Boys can be seen to have a much larger presence and girls are much less vocal. When boys move around in a space they tend to be more robust and girls tend to move around less. Girls are willing to take risks but are much less likely to seek out risk-taking  behaviour and are more likely to underestimate their abilities. This means they are much less likely to try and activity they have no previous experience in.

Helen then goes on to describe what happens to girls at adolescence. Previously, like boys, girls' connections between feelings and emotions are limited but ...

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Chat About Girls and behaviour – PP35

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