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The importance of relationships – PP36

May 16, 201431 min
Our topic of the week is the importance of relationships.

Paul begins by pointing out that it's not possible to have transformational relationships with every child you teach - rather, we should concentrate on those learners we can have a long-term positive impact on.

Paul recalls his earliest experiences in teaching where he found many learners who weren't interested in any of the strategies and techniques for behaviour management until they had a productive relationship with him. Paul found himself going through the same mantra time after time:
I care about you, I'm going to work with you and I'm not going away.
The children weren't used to this and wanted a guarantee that Paul wasn't going to leave like so many other adults had done in their lives previously. None of the the behaviour management techniques worked until this basis of trust was established.

After the establishment of his determination to build a relationship based on mutual trust,  Paul could move on to creating mo

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