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TGGC #50: The healing power of journaling with Katie Dalebout.

August 25, 201662 min
Through her blog, podcasts, videos, and courses, millennial blogger, speaker, and podcast host Katie Dalebout curates inspired wisdom that guides people to go deep and sift through the thoughts clouding their minds. She’s the author of the Amazon best-selling book Let It Out: A Journey Through Journaling. She helps people develop a positive image of their bodies by embracing their creativity and personality outside of their physicality and she’s on a mission to share journaling tools that invoke deeper authenticity and self awareness. In this episode we talk about her journey of using journaling in her recovery from eating disorder, why she thinks journaling is such a powerful practice for personal development, what her journaling practice looks like, how to get the most out of journaling, and some of her favourite journaling tools that she shares in her book.

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