Rebels Romper Room

After Christmas Special

January 7, 201654 min
Rebels Romper Room 12/29/2015

Did you find your Christmas Spirit? How did you do over the holidays? There are different holidays to celebrate. Do you see what is going on? Where are the values? Have we learned from history? Where is the unity? Things just aren't the same. Wake up and realize. Stomp the show host. Do you want to play? What can we do to get the values back? Go through the calendar and see what days you want off all year and give your work notice. Remember to remind them as the time comes closer to each date. The world is growing apart.....What are we going to do? How is the journal coming? Have you been working on it? Work on it. Remember to get on the next exercise in the program. Get the days you want off all this year figured out. Make time for you. Happy Holidays!

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