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Craziness We Call Life

February 10, 201747 min
What the hell? The craziness we call life. Today on Rebels Romper Room 01/17/2017 Rebel is off her game. Take a deep breath. The melt down of Friday the 13th update. Gotta hate the update crap. The birth of Molly Coddler. Check out her page fb. Ticking time bomb. Some times you just cant avoid that word. Things they build that they cant test. Negative energy. Baby boomers could have Hep C. What is the government getting paid to test on us? Say NO to the flu shot. Open your eyes and see what's really going on. Wake up people. What are you worried about then? Populations control! Just sayin'! Rebel's life as a sitcom. Time off warning. Book time for you!

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