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Get out of your own way!

October 6, 201649 min
What is going on here? What did I do? Ya know one of those days? It's one of them. Hang tight with that. Rebels Romper Room 04/26/2016 Today we have guest Dr. Angela Tran, D.O.

Dr. Angela Tran is Board-Certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine. After working as a primary care physician for five years, she realized that she was prescribing numerous medications for treatment of conditions where ultimately the root cause was obesity. She left Internal Medicine to open Med-Fit Medical Weight Loss to focus on weight management.
Dr. Angela now directs a medically-monitored program that provides a complete weight management solution to long-term success.
Office: (303) 321- 0023
Cell: (720) 220- 3452

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