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October 15, 201552 min
Rebels Romper Room 09/29/2015

The work trip that I'm not on right now! A bitch/rant! Cross between show. Do you have something you want to bitch about? Today we realize what is. Less is More. Do you listen to your self? When are you going to put you first? Make time for you. Are you working on you? You need to do for you. Sick and tired! Help. You need to help your self. We are a work in progress. Learn to enjoy it. New exercise in the Less is More series, Want/Need and how long do you have to work to pay for it. See the true colors of others. Don't multi task at work. Why are you doing the job of 3 people and only getting paid for one? Fix what's broke. Go on feeling. How do things make you feel? Don't air dirty laundry, go to the source. Value system. Make a list, Another new exercise, balance the list! You can't help those who wont help themselves.

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