Rebels Romper Room

Life is NOT easy! Need to reboot......

July 29, 201552 min
Rebels Romper Room 07/28/2015
Is it lag day? It's one of those lives. Moving around. Daddy Mur merchandise. I have no clue what today is about. Wondering what the hell is going on. Things we are going to talk about today. Small earthquake in Tn today. Just because you didn't feel it, doesn't mean it didn't happen! Things not to carry in your wallet or purse. Don't give it out! Live credit card free. Less is More! Put a little to the side. Alabama man caught having sex with pig in bath room at Walmart? Great time in Tn. Are you in a rut? Need to get out more. Where did life go? That is what happens when you multi task. Work work work and no play! Take the paid time off. Aug. 1st "Fly Your Rebel Flag Day" Where is the best seat to sit? Staying safe in the movie theater.
Go for the reboot!

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Chat About Life is NOT easy! Need to reboot......

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