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Taking charge at work!

March 2, 201750 min
Prepare to be ready. Today on Rebels Romper Room 01/24/2017 Rebel covers Taking charge of/at work, Scheduling days off, and When a person says "What I wouldn't do for...." Rebel is moving all around. Are you ready to play? To eat or not to eat? Rebels mind is always in the gutter. Arrange this! Home remedies. Hot toddy! Try the home remedies! Rebel lost her home remedy book in the flood. Just not ready. Don't fall off the wagon! Taking charge at work! Hell week! Take charge of life. Don't get stuck in the rut. You need to do what you need to do! Baby steps to make changes. Karma is a bitch. Eating on the air. Rebel has to fit in eating some times right? Working on new projects.

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