Rebels Romper Room

Thrown Into Question....

March 28, 201750 min
What's That You Say.... Today on Rebels Romper Room 03/28/2017 Shocking call live on the air!

Time is flying by. Have you been working on the exercises we set up?, Pen to paper, Who the hell wants to adult?, Overbooking, Learn to say NO, Distractions, Two Rebels, Multi Tasking, Beauty and the Beast review, Growing up in the 80's and 90's, Thrown off, Where does your mind go when Rebel say some things?, A moment to collect thoughts, Romper room to Mental asylum, And fun questions to ask, Rebels favorite hot chocolate, Favorite comic, Life can throw you off, The pink hair experience, and music from bands that are going to be at the Welcome to Rockville Festival 2017.

To enter the Playlist Co Host Contest pick a decade, build a playlist for the show, and email the list to When we pick your playlist you co host the show with Rebel. You have to pick the songs and know a little about that decade for the show.

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