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Year that dreams come true

February 9, 201750 min
Welcome New Year! Today on Rebels Romper Room 01/03/2017 Into the new year, wet and nasty. This is the first year of the 9 cycle of years. Renew. Who's here to distract Rebel. Numerology? This is life. Did you do the exercise of scheduling days off in the 2017 calendar? Make notes in your calendar. This is the year to make your dreams come true! Make time for your self. How much did Rebel drink on new years eve? Rebel is low maintenance. Will Rebel have pictures for yall? The ability to change your minds. Will Rebel meet Tim Curry this year? New exercise is setting goals. Will Rebel reach her goal of rolling out a series of books? Put action to your goals. Actions speak louder that words. It will make a difference in you life. Keep a journal, brief message, to your self. Keep a happy jar. Take time for your self. Helping you find you! Take control of your life. Do a year in review.

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