Reflections of Light Broadcast

Resurrection of a Vision

February 5, 201430 min
God has something bigger and better for you! If you have ever run full steam ahead towards a God-given vision just to fall flat on your face, then you need to listen to this message. You know you heard from the Lord, you have the conviction that it was HIS will and not yours, but then why is it that it has not manifested: even worst, you have failed miserably in reaching that vision. If you have had this experience and ran into those walls yourself, then you know how much it hurts. But what you don’t know is how necessary it is and how the Lord is going to use it to make you into the vessel that you need to BE to complete that vision. Be blessed by this teaching from Apostle Colette Toach, AMI, San Diego, CA, as she explains why you have to go through this death, but most importantly how the Lord is going to resurrect that vision and what it is going to look like when He does.

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