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Did We Just Invade Poland? - Apr 24,2014

April 23, 2014119 min
Well, welcome to the LAST epidsode of the Sack Heads Radio on BTR. Starting 5.7.2014, you, WE will be on our new home at the SHR Media Network. You can find out live show there every Wednesday at 8 PM PT. You can hear us through the player on the website, and the chat will be there as well! Tell all your friends, and join us! But, lets not TOTALLY put the cart before the horse, we have THIS WEEKS business to attend too..... After Clint continues with his "Take Back the Hate" campaign, and his word of the week to take back. Another word, another reclaiming of the hate. Then, we start discussing the new executive order by President Obama to give clemency to "non-violent" offenders from federal prison early. How could this go bad? We will discuss all the amazing possiblities! Next, we discuss American Soldiers on the ground in eastern Europe, is this a new and improved TOUGH President Obama? Or is this an other paper tiger? We also discuss the Presidents visit to Japan, along with his TOUGH words on the Japanese islands that the Chinese are trying to claim. Finally, we discuss the proposed Cove Point LNG Teminal. One of the biggest opposition argument is spellbounding, hint, we learn where the money trail goes. Also, we prove why enviormentalists and animal rights activists shoud hate each other, all in good fun, of course!

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