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Holder on to you hats, Eric has an Idea!

April 9, 2014119 min
This week we will start with some exciting news, some good news for the Sack Heads and our friends. We are THRILLED to share this with you, and invite you to share the excitement with us. We will make a big announcement EARLY!

Next, Eric Holder has an idea to stop gun violence, and it involves a shiny piece of jewelry, and $600,000,000. Though, he may no be busy spending time to find a reason NOT to prosecute Lois Lerner for Contempt of Congress, and he should know how to duck those charges.

Next, a horrific tragedy unfolds in Pennsylvania. A male student goes on a rampage, at this point 20 are injured 4 critical. We will have all the details.

Also, another tragedy today in Canada, where an office was under seige as a man attacked 4 co-workers and sent them to a hospital, 2 in critical condition.

Finally, and if we have time, the Democrats are in FULL ELECTION MODE for the midterms. We will discuss the election strategy that is obvious and unfolding...

Chat About Holder on to you hats, Eric has an Idea!

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