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Holder on to your hats, Eric has an idea

April 9, 2014119 min
This week we'll begin the show with some exciting news...good news not only for the Sack Heads, but our friends as well!

We're THRILLED to finally let you in on what we've been hinting at over the last several weeks, and invite you to share in the excitement!

And, by share...we mean really mean share - - TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

We'll even coach you on what to say, and how to say it!

Now to the rest of the show - - Eric Holder has an idea to stop gun violence, and it involves a shiny piece of jewelry, and $600,000,000. And it came to him while pondering how not to prosecute Lois Lerner for Contempt of Congress. Though, the latter didn't take much effort...he's been down that road before!

We'll discuss.

We'll have the latest on the horiffic tragedies unfolding in Pennsylvania and Canada.

And, if time permits, we'll take on the obvious election strategy unfolding by Democrats in advance of the 2014 mid-terms.

Sounds like a plan...but, truth be told, we're likely to veer "off-course" as we do most of the time.

That said, the chatroom will be active and we'll likely be surprised by a caller or two as a good time is had by all!

Set your reminders for 8:00 PST tonight...and, if you're feeling a bit wild tonight, step away from BTR and catch the show direct from our new home at SHR Media. It's the place to be in the future!

Uh oh...secret's out?

Well, just play along and act act like you didn't know!

Chat About Holder on to your hats, Eric has an idea

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