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The Opposers of the word of God

December 11, 201698 min
In a twinkling of an eye the world changed and even though this great change has taken place many still have not noticed. And many have seen but choose to do nothing. You maybe thinking but what can I do? You can pray, you can spread the Gospel with those around you. If you want the society to get better tell others about Jesus. In Mattew 24 the disciples asked Jesus a question they said master “when will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age?” Jesus went on to tell them about the mass destruction of people and property that would last for over a period of many years before His return He warned of the many that would come in His name to decieve His people. Aren't we seeing these signs happening in our world today? There is great unrest worldwide, some people even think that by killing another human being a precious life that they are doing God a favor.
This period is a period of endourance and a time for the children of God to push, push your

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